Animalist no. 207

„We need to remember that all other animals have the same right to be here and not to be abused as any human being.” – David Attenborough

Try vegan Easter!

We invited everyone to prepare vegan ham, scrambled eggs, Croatian Easter bread (pinca), homemade pasta (mlinci), French salad, as well as various Easter cakes this Easter, in order to help animals, the environment, and to better their own health. We also suggested decorating wooden eggs instead of real ones, as well as not buying rabbits and other animals, rather to adopt them if they have the possibilities and desire to do so. Share these vegan Easter recipes.

A chained dog is not an anti-burglary alarm

The campaign “For Croatia without chained dogs” received the support of many institutions and celebrities, and among them is the popular singer and radio host Saša Lozar, who pointed out in the video that dogs must not be alarm devices. Apart from the fact that it is inadmissible to torture an animal and it is absurd to keep a dog on a chain to guard something, it is not even profitable. No one needs to have a dog as a part of their family, but anyone who decides to take care of a dog should take responsibility and provide it with adequate living conditions.

Joint swelling and bloody udders – all according to regulations

We reacted to the news that on a farm in Slavonia, cows are being exploited to the extreme, i.e. to their death. In relation to animals that humans exploit to obtain meat, milk and eggs, the normalization of the abnormal occurs and it is not excessive to compare them with animal concentration camps. Daily extraction of as much as 50 liters of milk from their purulent and bloody udders, even though the calf would suckle three to five liters, has nothing to do with nature giving them milk for their children, as well as it gives us for ours. We pointed to the indescribable cruelty of their children going to the slaughterhouse just so humans could have their milk.

Influencers prepare meat for World MeatOut Day

On the occasion of the World MeatOut Day, which is celebrated on March 20th, famous Croatian influencers and excellent vegan cooks, Marie Wasler and Nataša Rajčević, showed us ways plant-based meat can be prepared and told us how life without animal meat has improved their lives, as well as lives of thousands of their online followers. In an interesting and educational workshop, which you can watch here, Marie and Nataša prepared various plant substitutes for meat that can be found on the Croatian market. Through their experience of veganism, they advised those interested in a vegan diet and lifestyle change.

No meat, milk and eggs to get to optimal weight

On the occasion of the Croatian Obesity Awareness Day, we reminded that in Croatia every other person over the age of 18 is overweight, and that every third child at the age of eight is obese. We pointed out that research proves that a vegan diet can prevent and treat heart disease, colon and lung cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, kidney failure, hypertension, obesity and a host of other diseases. Obesity and other diseases, as well as premature death, can be prevented by a varied diet of fruits, vegetables, legumes, cereals, seeds and nuts that provide all the nutrients for optimal health.

Flash news

  • We have sent a report related to the demolition of swallow’s nests.
  • We held the last evening booth this season.
  • We requested supervision over the Municipality of Stari Mikanovci and the City of Otočac for not implementing the provisions of the Animal Protection Act
  • We forwarded a report to the competent authorities about the abuse of a dog in Vrsar and about the neglect of a dog in Krapina, and received an inspection response.
  • We recommended the new cookbooks My Green Kitchen, Vegan Every Day, Green Life of Vegan Mom and Vegan Cheeses.
  • We have established cooperation with Vegefino! You get Vegefino Ćevapčići (minced meat), we get 1 kuna. 🙂
  • We sent a report to all local communities with a questionnaire on the implementation of the Animal Protection Act.
  • We responded to no prosecution of the animal sexual abuse case.
  • We are participating with our proposals in the amendments to the Veterinary Act, the Animal Health Act, the Ordinance on Dangerous Dogs and the Ordinance on Hotels for Dogs, and we are trying to encourage the continuation of the dog castration program in Roma settlements.

Thank you for your kind support, membership and active involvement in our activities to promote animal rights! Every help is welcome, and every kuna is important! 🙂

Your Animal Friends

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