Animalist no. 206

„Now I can look at you in peace; I don’t eat you anymore.” – Franz Kafka

National campaign for Croatia without chained dogs

If it weren’t for the horrifying photos that circulated on social networks, which the majority of the Croatian population was horrified by, with scenes of wounds on dogs just taken off their chains, in the earthquake-stricken areas, as well as painful stories of volunteers who saved them, there might not be so many interest in the campaign we launched with the associations Pobjeda (transl. Victory), Friends Čakovec Shelter and with other members of the Animal Protection Network. As a part of a national campaign “For Croatia without chained dogs“, we demand an urgent amendment to the existing Animal Welfare Act by introducing a complete ban on keeping dogs chained.

Plant milk: Widely used, and the best substitute to dairy milk

We have invited all those interested who wanted to learn about the benefits of plant substitutes for dairy products to join us in a free workshop on making plant milk that was broadcast live through our Facebook page. The workshop was led by longtime vegan and experienced cook Nikolina Plenar Jeličić, who also talked about the importance of plant substitutes for dairy products. Check out how to make oatmeal, almond or hazelnut milk at home and how to make productive use of all the leftover ingredients, by making vegan desserts from them.

Nearly 30,000 people signed the “Let’s Ban the Chain” petition over the weekend!

Since the petition for a total ban on keeping dogs chained was launched, it has been signed by almost 30,000 people in just two days! This campaign for the complete legal ban on keeping dogs chained was prompted by numerous experiences of animal protection associations from all over Croatia, whose daily lives testify the consequences of a lack of adequate legal protection for animals and the need to establish and implement it.

Despite the ban, cosmetic ingredients are still being tested on animals

Although testing on animals was banned in the European Union eight years ago, as well as the sale of cosmetics that rely on such tests, we have drawn attention to the fact that cosmetic ingredients are still being tested on animals! Together with the umbrella organizations for the protection of animals, we have called on the EU authorities to revoke the new requirements for animal testing and to ensure the safety of cosmetics and cosmetic ingredients using exclusively non-animal methods. We invited everyone to exclusively use vegan cosmetics whose ingredients have not been tested on animals.

Veterinarians against the practice of keeping dogs chained

Support for the campaign “For Croatia without chained dogs” came from the most important professional associations of veterinary doctors – the Croatian Veterinary Chamber and the Department of Veterinary Practice of Croatia, as well as many private veterinary practices. They pointed out that such dogs often do not get fed regularly, they flip over their water bowls with their chain so it is often empty, they are rarely taken to the vet and are exposed to very large temperature fluctuations. They note that the well-being of such dogs is very low because they do not get to play regularly and do not have any activities. Many veterinarians have witnessed terrible suffering, even severe dog wounds because of the chains. In addition to the fact that chained dogs suffer from mental disorders, they physically experience visible and more frequent orthopedic problems than unchained dogs, as well as problems with the hips, spine and muscles.

Flash news

  • We requested supervision over the Municipality of Semeljci and received an inspection response.
  • We have asked for support for the ban of the chain from MPs, ministers, the Croatian Association of Cities, the Croatian Veterinary Chamber, the Department of the Small Animal Veterinary Practice and many others.
  • The list of famous vegans has been updated.
  • We reacted to the case of dog neglect from Koprivnica and commented on the negative consequences of monetary rewards for adopting dogs without supervision.
  • We called on everyone to sign a petition because of the censorship of vegan “dairy” products.
  • We reacted to the lobsters killed in the Three Two One – Cook culinary show!

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