Animalist no. 204

„If you don’t like images of cruelty to animals posted on social media, you need to help stop the cruelty, not post the images. It should bother you that this is happening, not that you have seen it “ – Marie Sarantakis

Firecrackers prohibited by law!

We asked citizens who own firecrackers to hand them over to the Ministry of the Interior or return them to the stores where they bought them, given that on January 2, 2021, the legal ban on the sale and use of firecrackers of categories F2 and F3 came into force. We also thanked everyone who responded to the police appeal not to fire pyrotechnics (and) because of the victims of the earthquake and people frightened by the tremor, and we thank once again everyone who supported us in these past eight years of struggle.

Over 500,000 people have tried Veganuary!

As part of Veganuary, we invited everyone to choose veganism as a compassionate way of life. In order to facilitate and make the whole process of adopting new life habits as interesting as possible, we have designed the Vega Challenge, the Croatian version of Veganuary, which can be applied for via to receive recipes and interesting things in the next 30 days and appealed to you to spread the word and invite your friends to sign up.

The earthquake was a lifeline for many animals

We sent a letter to the Veterinary Inspection asking them to organize a tour of the areas affected by the earthquake to inspect and check the keeping of dogs, cats and other animals. We also wrote to the Ministry of Agriculture and appealed for concrete financial and logistical assistance for the castration, microchipping and vaccination of dogs. We mentioned that the situation is currently being saved by associations and individuals who immediately came to the affected areas to help people and animals.

The earthquake showed the situation in Croatia

A large number of unvaccinated, non-microchipped dogs and uncastrated dogs and cats in the areas affected by the earthquake showed the situation regarding the (non) implementation of the Animal Protection Act throughout Croatia. We have written to all local communities that it is high time to visit all households and check that all dogs are microchipped and to fund the castration of dogs and cats to avoid the emergence of unwanted animals that suffer and die.

Rabies vaccination every two to three years!

After launching a petition four years ago and repeatedly appealing that vaccination against rabies be mandatory for a period specified by the vaccine manufacturer’s instructions, and not every year, we welcomed the decision made by the Ministry of Agriculture to prescribe the above. Given that better control of general vaccination is part of the petition, we continue to fight so that there are no dogs that have never even seen a vet.

After the earthquake she gave birth in a shelter

In a pile of unfortunate news about the sad fates of animals from the area affected by the earthquake, three pigs and a pregnant cow Šarava from the village of Župić near Petrinja replaced the damaged barn with the safety of the Farmica shelter in Našice. Shortly afterward, Sarava gave birth to her baby calmly and without fear. We cannot move all unfortunate animals from Croatia and the world to shelters, but by switching to veganism a person saves a hundred animals a year, and during human life that number rises to as many as ten thousand animals.

Borna is a symbol of hope

The rescued cow Šarava gave birth to a new resident of Farmica – little Borna! Šarava and Borna are the first mothers of cows and calves in Croatia who will never cry because of the separation, nor will they be deprived of milk intended only for her baby. Borna is lucky because she will not end up like a veal but will instead feel the grass under her feet and the sun on her head and socialize with other residents of the shelter. #FriendsNotFood

From a rescue shelter to the White House!

We have reported that the new US President Joe Biden has moved into the White House with his family and two dogs of which Major, a younger one, has been adopted. We mentioned that animals are not objects and should not be part of the trade, and that thousands of dogs and cats are currently awaiting adoption in Croatia. If everyone who was thinking of getting a dog or cat chose adoption instead of buying one, all the shelters would soon be empty.

All the benefits of plant proteins

We organized an educational free presentation on the benefits of plant proteins, which took place on our Facebook page, and was led by Marko Samardžija and Ivana Martinec. They talked about the benefits of plant proteins, their benefits to the human body in daily activities, the positive impact on athletes and exercisers, where everything can be found and how to combine them for best results.

Flash news

  • Read how vegans celebrate Christmas.
  • Read an article about animals used for work.
  • We sent a report for inadequate keeping of a large number of dogs.
  • We wrote a criminal complaint for the neglect and death of Bobby the dog.
  • We were guests in the show “With us at home” where we talked about the problem of uncontrolled reproduction of animals.
  • Try the recipes of Marko Samardžija and Ivana Martinec, which also invite you to the Veggie challenge. It is also worth mentioning that Marko and Ivana donate 10% of their total monthly profit to our association.
  • New holders of the V-label have recently become: Pan-pek d.o.o. (for product 1001 Delight pies and strudels), Pekar d.o.o. (for products Somun and Somun with sprinkles of sesame and cumin) and Zvijezda plus d.o.o. (for the product Omegol aktiv).
  • Planetopia has published a new book – Animalkind that explore the wonderful world of animals and advise how to treat the fascinating beings with whom we share the planet with more tenderness and kindness.
  • Stella’s sausage got a new beautiful packaging! Sausage to you, one kuna to us!
  • Take a look at the photo gallery of animals rescued after the 2020 earthquake.

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