Animalist no. 202

„The assumption that animals are without rights and the belief that our treatment of them has no moral significance is an unprecedented example of Western cruelty and barbarism. Universal compassion is the only guarantee of morality.” – Arthur Schopenhauer

Necessary independent supervision of the shelter

We reacted to allegations of neglect and abuse of animals in the Zagreb shelter in Dumovec and strongly condemned any ill-treatment of animals. We stand for transparency and strictly prescribed procedures that many shelters in Croatia do not have, which is devastating. We indicated and reminded of just a few of the shelter’s reports, which we sent to the veterinary inspection in just 2020 alone, and were always given the same answer – no irregularities were found and the shelter complies with all legal regulations.

Croatia has not yet banned the deadly trawlers

During the “Respect Our Seas” campaign, we drew attention to the rapid destruction and extinction of the oceans and seas, including the Adriatic Sea, where life has already been halved! Due to intensive fishing and the growing impact of climate change, 50% of the fauna and flora in the Adriatic and the western Mediterranean sea have disappeared! One of the main enemies of the sea are trawls, ie net tugs. Wherever they pass, they leave only destruction and desolation on the seabed.

Hunting dogs are suffering and starving, and the inspection claims everything is all right

We warned of the continued severe neglect and abandonment of hunting dogs, as well as reluctance of the veterinary inspection to sanction it. Last month, two severely malnourished, unvaccinated and non-microchipped dogs were found in the Zadar area. Although the powers of inspectors are great and they can file an indictment and even a criminal complaint, almost all cases usually pass without any sanctions.

Slaughterers want to save a bull just as the Nazis would save a Jew

We reacted to the escape of a young bull that managed to briefly escape the fate of as many as 183,872 cattle that were slaughtered last year in Croatia. We pointed out the hypocrisy of the Slatina factory, which even gave the escaped bull an identity by calling him “our brave Joža” and announced that they wanted to “save” him, even though they had previously planned to slaughter him. We reminded again that all animals want to live and that the best way to help them is to switch to veganism.

Animal rights for a fairer and more sustainable world

We invited everyone to mark the International Day of Animal Rights with us on December 10 and watch Boris Bakota’s lectures “Animal Law or Protection?” and Lidija Bakota “I’m not as stupid as a goose and I don’t have a tongue like a cow’s tail” on our Facebook page. We were reminded that there is no need to eat animal meat and wear their skin and fur or to perform meaningless experiments on them.

Flash news

  • We reacted to the news of a dead crocodile found on Vis, pointing out that there are no clear legal regulations in Croatia about which animals are allowed to be kept as pets.
  • We commented on the frequent poisoning of dogs in the dog park in Zagreb.
  • We expressed satisfaction with the support of MPs for banning firecrackers.
  • We sent a letter to all cities and municipalities with advice on how to reduce the financial costs they set aside for the care of abandoned animals.
  • We reacted to the situation in the shelter in Dumovec.
  • We again requested the supervision of the Tip-Tip shelter.
  • We sent an application for possible unregistered breeding of dogs in the German Shepherd type.
  • We received answers from the veterinary inspection for reports related to the towns of Otok, Otočac and Obrovac and the municipality of Sveti Ivan Žabno.
  • We requested supervision of the Zoo City store in Split due to the sale of rabbits and reported illegal bear shooting.
  • See the Eco Zone report on World Vegan Day.

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