Animalist no. 201

„The human body has no more need for cows’ milk than it does for dogs’ milk, horses’ milk, or giraffes’ milk.”
– Michael Klaper

Sterilize your cats and dogs!

Our initiative “Dogs and cats do not know how to add, but they know how to multiply!” was supported by famous cat adopters – Luka Budak, Ivana Kindl and Dora Lipovčan, who are well aware that love for animals includes being responsible. They were joined by Slavko Sobin, Neda Parmać Klačar and Ana Gruica Uglešić, whose hearts were forever won over by their adopted and neutered dogs. Sterilized animals live longer and are protected from a number of potentially deadly diseases.

Most crops are spent on livestock

On World Food Day, celebrated on October 16th, we invited everyone to think about an extremely important aspect of the food system – sustainability. The current diet, based on growing crops for fattening up animals, certainly does not take into account sustainability, but leads to catastrophic food shortages and an increase in the number of hungry and poor people in the world. Raising animals for food is a tremendous waste of the world’s land and water resources.

World Vegan Day

This year, we celebrated World Vegan Day, which is celebrated on November 1st, by raising 22 vegan flags on the official masts of the City of Zagreb, while the two other Zagreb attractions shone in the green-blue-white colors – Meštrović’s pavilion and fountains in front of the National and University Library. At Ban Jelačić Square, we had a stand with free vegan cookbooks and educational billboards. We also organized an online educational and culinary lecture led by Igor Barberić.

Ban on the firecrackers in the Parliament

We sent letters to MPs and members of the Government to support a positive change in the ban on the sale, purchase, possession and use of firecrackers and bandoliers in the categories of F2 and F3 throughout the year. During the first reading of the Bill, MPs gave their support, and some of them commented that the time for selling and using these loud pyrotechnic devices should be shortened. Amendments to the Act will enter into force after New Year.

Report against the zoo

We have filed a criminal complaint with the competent state attorney’s office against the management of the zoo in Osijek. Despite warnings from caretakers that the lioness was self-harming, the management of this zoo ignored the suffering of the animal and reacted only after the media published footage of the severely wounded lioness, after which she was killed. We urged everyone not to visit zoos, which are showrooms of sad and exploited animals.

Do not kill animals beacuse of Covid-19

We reacted in regards to the announcement that Denmark will kill more than 17 million minks because they developed a mutated form of the coronavirus that had spread to humans. It is absurd that those countries still believe that the solution is to continuously kill all the animals on the farms but also to continue breeding them for fur. All EU countries should follow the example of Croatia, as well as many other countries and ban the breeding of all animals for fur – due to ethical, environmental and public health reasons.

Fish pain is the same

Through billboards in many cities, we have pointed out that, contrary to outdated and unfounded opinion, fish feel pain just as much as humans. The posters were created in collaboration with PETA and depict a woman on a hook in order to arouse sympathy for all beings. Commercial fishing represents cruelty to animals to an almost unimaginable extent that should drive all animal lovers to give up the taste of fish meat forever.

Flash news

  • On October 28th and November 11th, we had an evening stand set up on Zagreb’s King Tomislav Square. Anyone who wants free vegan cookbooks, or to sign current petitions and watch the film “60 Billion Lives” can drop by the next two Wednesdays (November 18th and 25th) from 4 pm to 8 pm at Central Station.
  • On October 14th, we participated in a meeting at the State Inspectorate regarding the implementation of the project of dog castration in Roma settlements and the implementation of the Animal Protection Act in general.
  • We participated in the meeting of the Coordination Working Group in Zagreb and conveyed information to all animal protection associations in the city of Zagreb.
  • We wrote our reaction regarding announcements about sea cucumber fishing.
  • We have sent a request regarding no support of the proposal to ban the use of the expressions for plant-based products.
  • We have called for stricter measures for non-compliant caregivers.
  • We gave our insight on pet cemeteries.
  • We held the 24th meeting of the Animal Welfare Network.
  • We sent information to all local self-government units that take care of abandoned dogs in the shelter of the Pakrac Veterinary Station regarding the abolition of foster fee payment.
  • We requested supervision of the shelter for abandoned and lost animals in Rovinj.
  • We sent an appeal against the decision of the State Inspectorate regarding the supervision of the Tip-Tip shelter.
  • We have sent reports related to the non-implementation of the Law on Animal Protection of the City of Otok, the Municipality of Primošten and the local self-government units of the Sisak-Moslavina County.
  • We sent a report to the veterinary inspection regarding the conditions in the Dubrovnik aquarium.
  • We were interviewed by Grazia magazine regarding the work of our Association and animal rights.

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We want to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts, for making it possible to put up vegan flags all over Zagreb, as well as for the general support for our work! We appreciate your understanding of how much we need your support, so we can continue helping animals! Support us with a standing order, donation, or a payment of the annual membership fee. Even as little as few kunas a month can make a huge difference.

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