Animalist no. 199

„Anything with a face I don’t taste. Anything with an eye or two I don’t chew. Anything with a mouth stays out of my mouth. “

VegeEDU installation art and lectures

As a part of the VegeEDU by ZeGeVege event, we’ve prepared a series of interesting and educational lectures and cooking workshops that you’ll be able to follow on our social networks in the evening of Friday September 11th, as well as on Saturday September 12th 2020. We invite everyone to visit Ban Jelačić Square this weekend to check out the interesting installation consisting of five two-meter pillars with 15 educational panels on them.

11 million animals suffer in laboratories

We are once again stressing that more than 3.3 million mice, rats, monkeys, dogs, hamsters, horses and other animals were used in experiments last year in British laboratories alone. Scientific research clearly shows that the right direction for discovering effective drugs and science development is the one that bypasses meaningless and ethically unacceptable experiments on animals. Despite the fact that mice and chimpanzees can share a high percentage of their genes with us humans, our immune system and physiology react incomparably differently.

No matter what its purpose, vegetable milk is the best substitute!

We invited everyone to mark the World Plant Milk Day and visit us on Ban Jelačić Square where one could taste various types of plant milks and vegan cakes. We’ve also prepared a fun game for passers-by and emphasized that plant milk substitutes are one of the most important steps an individual can take to reduce their impact on the environment and prevent animal cruelty.

ZeGeVege festival is canceled

Due to the impossibility of fulfilling the anti-epidemic measures, we regretfully had to cancel this year’s ZeGeVege Festival. However, in those days, in the same place, all lovers of animal rights and vegan diet will be greeted by a surprise. Everyone who was looking forward to listening to interesting and educational lectures will be able to do so through our FB page.

For a future without discrimination based on species

On August 29th, we marked World Day for the End of Speciesism. Everyone who cares about not depriving animals of their basic rights, as well as ending discrimination on the basis of species is invited to mark this international day with photos of animals and sharing messages on social networks with the hashtag #zaukidanjespecizma. The goal of this day is to encourage as many people as possible to reflect on all the cruelties that humanity does to animals and to take some time to explore the possibilities of a non-speciesism way of life.

In Germany, dog walking is mandatory, in Croatia dogs suffer on a leash

We warned that Croatia, unlike many other European countries, does not have a state-level rulebook on the conditions of keeping animals, as well as clear legal regulations on the conditions and prohibition of keeping exotic animals. Although some basic conditions are prescribed, such as a ban on permanently tying or locking dogs in a box, or the need for microchipping and reproduction control, these are not implemented either. Therefore, there are still many dogs on leashes, many unwanted puppies and kittens being killed due to not executing animal castration, while the penalties are almost never imposed.

Flash news

  • We wrote an article on sustainable living
  • We met with the Minister of Agriculture, Assistant to the Minister Milan Tankosić and Assistant Veterinary Officer Tatjana Karačić, regarding further steps in the implementation of the law, and animal protection.
  • We sent a report regarding the restaurant Ino in Kaštel Lukšić for the slaughter of lambs in the restaurant and the shelter Tip-Tip Vinkovci for not notifying competent authorities about the injured dog.
  • We sent a report for non-implementation of the Animal Protection Act in the city of Hrvatska Kostajnica and the city of Otočac.
  • We remind you that for every Stella’s sausage sold, 1 HRK goes directly to us, so be sure to try it! We also remind you that our members are entitled to a 10% discount when shopping in Annapurna.
  • We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported our work by purchasing a special edition of Charlie dish detergent! The campaign ended successfully, and we want to wholeheartedly thank the Meteor Group – Swan for the wonderful cooperation!

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  • Plant based Milk

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