Animalist no. 196

„The future is not something we enter. The future is something we create.”
– Anonimno

The horrors of transporting live animals

On the occasion of the Ban Live Exports International Awareness Day, which is celebrated on June 14th, we pointed out the daily cruelty and death of animals in transport. Gather your courage and look at just a fraction of the suffering these animals go through on a daily basis during their transport.

VegeFair brings (you) back to life

We are happy to invite everyone to the 9th VegeFair, which will radiate positive energy on Tuesday, June 23rd at Ban Jelačić Square from 8 am to 8 pm. There will be an interesting and diverse offer of products – follow our FB page for more information.

In order to be cute, they can’t breathe

We supported the decision of the Netherlands to no longer issue pedigrees for the so-called brachycephalic breeds of dogs – those with shortened snouts. Veterinarians have been warning for decades that animals with shortened snouts suffer immensely, as confirmed by scientific research. We urge everyone not to buy animals but rather adopt them instead.

National Veggie Burger Day

On June 5th, World Environment Day, National Veggie Burger Day has been celebrated in recent years, as well. On this occasion, we drew attention to the fact that we can easily replace all foods of animal origin, including hamburgers, with their plant alternatives. One vegetable burger uses 99 percent less water and 93 percent less arable land. Furthermore, it causes 90 percent less global warming. By promoting vegetable burgers, animals are being saved.

Let’s stop the extinction of species due to animal farming

On the occasion of the World Environment Day, which is celebrated every year on June 5th, we called on citizens to act in saving the planet Earth and all its inhabitants. The theme of this year’s World Environment Day was biodiversity. We therefore reminded of the fact that the new UN environmental report, which showed that about a million species are in danger of extinction, puts most of the blame on intensive industrial animal farming. Veganism also saves wild animals.

All about the implementation of the Animal Welfare Act in one place

In order to encourage cities and municipalities to comply with legal obligations, we designed and printed an educational brochure on the implementation of the Animal Welfare Act. It was sent to the addresses of all local and regional self-government units, and an online version is available to all interested parties. In the 35-page brochure, we have clearly and concisely listed all the ways in which cities and municipalities can prevent animals being abandoned.

Flash news

  • A petition has been launched in which the people of Vis Island are looking for a veterinarian, for which we were appealing for the last 6 years.
  • We had a meeting with the Minister of Agriculture where we agreed on the continuation of the project of dog castration in Roma settlements in Međimurje County, as well as its launch in Varaždin County. We discussed our proposals for better implementation of the Animal Protection Act.
  • We held a meeting with the Director of the Veterinary Office regarding the necessity of introducing and regulating mobile veterinary dispensaries and other topics related to the Veterinary Act.
  • We held another meeting of the network through Zoom, related to the coordination of working groups and communication of associations with the leaders of cities and municipalities.
  • We re-homed two chinchillas, Megi and Gita, since their previous family could no longer take care of them for justified reasons. Furthermore, we reminded everyone of the importance of the existing legal ban on raising animals for fur.
  • We sent a letter to all local self-government units and veterinary stations on the occasion of the World Spay Day (of feral cats).
  • We gave our support to the initiative Together for Croatian Green Recovery and Development.
  • We participated as speakers in the film “Let’s throw firecrackers into the past” made by students of the Sveti Petar Orehovec Elementary School.

Once again, thank you all for your donations; those who have not yet donated, but have the opportunity, can do so here.

Your Animal Friends

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