Animalist no. 195

“We are, quite literally, gambling with the future of our planet for the sake of – hamburgers.”
– Peter Singer

National Spay Day of Wild Cats

On the occasion of the National Spay Day of Wild Cats, which is celebrated on May 27, together with the Animal Protection Network, we sent a letter to all local communities urging them to fulfill their obligations under the Animal Welfare Act. Cities and municipalities are obliged to implement programs for castration of wild cats and to enable the organization of shelters.

„I don’t bark, but I want to live“

As part of the “I don’t bark, but I want to live” campaign, we have new posters all over Croatia! A tiny chicken, a cute piglet, a cute lamb and a cute cow invite everyone to try the Veggie challenge and show how much they love animals. Spread the word to help everyone learn about the benefits of veganism – for animals, the planet, and their own health.

‘Quarantine Cookbook’

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we had to significantly change our life habits and adapt to a new lifestyle. A lot of people decided to use the time to learn and try out some new skills, and we dedicated our free time to make a ‘Quarantine Cookbook’. The cookbook is rich in healthy, tasty, and simple vegan recipes, in which everyone can find a dish for themselves. It is intended for both beginners and masters, and everyone who decides to prepare a dish will undoubtedly get addicted to it.

Flash news

  • We called for a ban or charge for the thinnest plastic bags
  • A report has been filed for animal abuse
  • We sent a letter to all LGUs to warn them of the consequences of non-implementation of microchipping control
  • Together with the Animal Protection Network, we requested an inspection of the As Eko shelter, as well as the City of Trogir and Hrvatska Kostajnica and the municipality of Rakovec
  • We had a meeting with the new head of the City Office for Agriculture and Forestry of the City of Zagreb, Dejan Jaic
  • A new Zoom meeting of the Animal Protection Network was held regarding the registration of shelters
  • We gave statements to the media regarding the importance of not buying animals or adopting them and what we think about the mandatory attendance of the course for all dog caregivers
  • Check out new video about veganism from the angle of an ecologist„Making the connection“

Once again, thank you all for your donations; those who have not yet donated, but have the opportunity, can do so here.

Your Animal Friends

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