Animalist no. 194

„There is no fundamental difference between man and animals in their ability to feel pleasure and pain, happiness, and misery.”
– Charles Darwin

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Veganism is the fastest growing movement with an impact on human nutrition; the reasons why more and more people choose this lifestyle include: compassion for animals in the meat, milk and egg industries, growing awareness of the adverse effects these industries have on the environment, and concern about their health. That’s why we’ve prepared a vegan quiz – to make this quarantine time a bit easier on you, all the while giving you an opportunity to learn something new.

Failure to enforce the law results in abused and neglected animals

In addition to coronavirus, animal protection associations in Croatia are burdened by other problems – non-implementation of the Animal Protection Act, for example. Together with the Animal Welfare Network, we warned of the terrible fates of dogs whose chains cut into their necks and which went blind or were born in the canals. All of these dogs were not microchipped, and the health of many was irreversibly destroyed due to the negligence of cities and municipalities that refuse to carry out statutory control of dog microchipping. It is absurd and tragic that this provision exists precisely in order for LAUs to reduce the cost of caring for non-microchipped guard dogs in shelters.

Animals suffer in isolation all their lives

At the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone could hardly stand the restriction on freedom of movement. However, it must be emphasized that countless animals are far worse off. In farming, animals suffer a great deal of stress, crammed in small enclosures in large numbers, without the possibility of normal movement, only to be killed in the end. Animals in zoos spend their lives in a cramped artificial environment, with very few opportunities for mental stimulation or physical activity, causing them to suffer from depression, boredom, and psychosis. Switching to vegan diet and lifestyle, as well as boycotting zoos is the least we can do to show compassion for other species.

Experiments on animals are slowing down the development of a cure for coronavirus

The coronavirus turned into a pandemic in just a few short weeks, so everyone is hoping for the rapid development of effective drugs. On the occasion of the International Day of Abolition of Animal Tests, held on April 24th, as one of the members of the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE), we stressed that this will not be achieved by experimenting on animals. Experiments on animals are not only cruel and expensive but are mostly inapplicable to humans and thus divert both time and resources from better methods that don’t include animals. We hope that researchers will understand that models relevant to humans need to be promoted and funded if we want fast and effective results.

When the food we eat costs the Earth, we all pay the price

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, on April 22nd 2020 at 6 pm, we organized a live online presentation, hosted from our Facebook page by Nikolina Plenar Jeličić, a longtime vegan, activist and volunteer. She spoke about the devastating consequences raising animals for food has on the health of the planet and us humans. Not even all traffic in the world is as devastating to the environment as animal farming. Every day a person on a vegan diet saves 4.164 liters of water, 20.5 kilograms of grain, 30 square meters of forest, 9 kilograms of CO2 equivalent and saves the life of one animal.

Flash news

  • We got the response of the Municipal State Attorney’s Office concerning a soccer player I. Gazdek
  • As Laureates of the Peace Prize, we have signed up to support the call for a truce in the world
  • Read Melanie Joy’s tips for successfully advocating veganism
  • Read the inspiring and touching “Story from the Village” based on true events
  • We sent a letter to the Ministry of Agriculture and all shelters for abandoned animals in the Republic of Croatia to enroll in the UIC.
  • We sent a letter to all LAU’s at the Korcula Island to support the establishment of an island dog shelter
  • We have asked all Counties to provide us with an Abandoned Dog Population Control Program
  • We reported the Municipalities of Trpinje, Nijemci and Baška Voda for not fulfilling the obligations under the Animal Protection Act
  • We were guests on numerous radio shows and on national television in a live show, where we talked about the problem of overcrowded dog shelters and abandoning dogs during the pandemic.
  • We filed a report on uncontrolled dog breeding in the City of Bjelovar

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