Animalist no. 193

„If you think that being vegan is difficult, imagine being a factory farmed animal.”
– Davegan Raza

Vegan eggs give strength

This Easter we called for compassion while enjoying traditional plant-based Easter dishes. At a time of increasing awareness of the harmful effects of consuming animal products, the demand for plant substitutes is growing rapidly. In addition to chickens and their chicks not suffering, it also takes 98 percent less water to produce a vegan egg, and it emits 93 percent less carbon dioxide. Other traditional Easter dishes can also be prepared from plant based groceries, according to the recipes you can view HERE.

Information on all abandoned animals in one place

The Unified Information Center for Lost and Abandoned Animals is finally operational. The establishment of the UIC has finally created a unique database of abandoned animals from all shelters in the Republic of Croatia. All registered shelters in Croatia have the obligation to register animals in the UIC, and anyone who finds an abandoned animal must report it to the shelter.

#Stay Home and #AcceptVegeChallenge

We have a solution to make everyday life during this virus pandemic a bit more interesting. Complete the Vege Challenge application form at, and over the next 30 days learn a lot about veganism, animal rights, the negative impact breeding and eating animals has on the environment and health. Plenty of movies, lectures and literature will fill your day and inform you why it is important to become a vegan now. Recommend this challenge to others as well.

Fish crowded in cages, die in agony

March 28th is World Day for the End of Fishing, therefore we have called for an end to fish farming and fishing, as well as for the protection of the oceans and marine ecosystems. Fish are social and sentient beings that play an important role in the marine ecosystem. 2,500 billion fish are killed worldwide each year and by 2050 there will be no fish in the sea if we continue like this. It is a frightening fact that because of their unreasonable, unethical and selfish behavior, humans cause the death of 20 times more fish per year than the total number of people who have ever walked the Earth.

Stay home and eat fruits and vegetables

At a time when the most important tool in protecting our health is the #StayHome mantra, we emphasized the importance of a plant-based diet. We are forced to be in our own homes and move less, all the while take care of our health. Fruits, vegetables, legumes and other foods of plant origin raise immunity and invigorate our body to protect against viruses, and to recover more easily and quickly in the event of an illness. We are holding everyone accountable and calling for the change to a vegan diet.

How to adopt a dog or a cat at the time of a Coronavirus

The Animal Protection Network urged all citizens not to enhance the huge problem of abandoned animals and crowded shelters by uncontrolled breeding of dogs and cats. Shelters are not a good place for any dog, especially not for puppies whose mortality in shelters is extremely high. We urge citizens not to abandon animals, to adopt dogs and cats instead of buying them, and to help shelters with responsible behavior so that they can continue to find homes for the animals.

Meatless diet against Coronavirus

Avian flu (bird flu), swine flu, Ebola, SARS, MERS, fake cowpox and now COVID-19 – these are all viral diseases of animals transmissible to humans. They have originated and expanded in places of exploitation of huge numbers of animals, such as unclean industrial farms and slaughterhouses, as well as overcrowded markets and fairs. For the occasion of the MeatOut Day, which has been celebrated around the world for 35 years on March 20th, we noted that all these diseases can be prevented by switching to a vegan lifestyle and eating only plant-based food.

Flash news

  • We have sent a request to all the LAU’s to issue passes to people who take care of the abandoned animals.
  • We have drafted a protocol for the adoption of dogs and cats during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Check out the new video on our youtube channel.
  • We have sent a letter to all local communities to check that all abandoned dogs in their area are registered in the Unified Information Center.
  • We invited everyone to participate in the first international online march for animals. We also participated by making a video and a wonderful gallery.
  • Take a look at the gallery and view the video of our office after the earthquake.

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