Animalist no. 191

„Run to the rescue with love and peace will follow” – River Phoenix

Survival of the fish is in our hands

As a part of the “Respect Our Sea” campaign, we presented the story about fish from a fish perspective, through interesting and educational animated films. The story follows the fish of the Adriatic Sea as if it were a human perspective, thus pointing to the similarities fish have with humans, as well as the needs we all have in common: the need for food, shelter, intimacy, safety and care for ourselves and our offspring. We presented the films Breakfast at the Adriatic, Fish from Wall Street and Fishman – Away from Home. Share our animated films about the Adriatic to reach as many viewers as possible and convey the message of the necessity of rethinking our own life habits, if we do not want our seas to become deserts.

Monitoring the implementation of the Animal Protection Act

We sent a questionnaire to all local self-government units to share information on the implementation of the Animal Protection Act. We requested the information about the shelter they signed a contract with, on collecting abandoned or lost animals, how many animals were cared for in 2019, how much money they allocated for it, whether they organized the the monitoring of dog microchipping, as well as how much money they plan to allocate in 2020 to subsidize the permanent sterilization of dogs and cats.

The law is good; its enforcement is lacking

On the behalf of the 52 Associations of the Animal Protection Network, we have warned that the Animal Protection Act is still not being implemented in a large part of Croatia! The biggest obstacle is the complete disinterest of a large number of cities and municipalities in the issue of abandoned animals. Due to the refusal of many cities and municipalities to enforce the Act, the inaction of the veterinary inspection and the lack of sanctions for such behavior, abandoned animals and volunteers of Animal Protection Associations are greatly suffering.

Press conference on the firecracker ban

With regard to the public hearing on the ban on firecrackers throughout the year, which lasted until February 7th, we held a press conference attended by experts from different working fields. Among other things, we emphasized the absurdity of the sale of pyrotechnics as early as December 15th and the possibilities of its use from December 27th to December 30th, when nothing is even celebrated. You can read the full transcript from the press conference here, as well as view the entire recording.

60,000 signatures to ban firecrackers

We have handed over 60,000 collected signatures for the ban on firecrackers and other pyrotechnic articles of F2 and F3 categories to Davor Božinović, Minister of the Internal Affairs. Minister Božinović said that the MIA had proposed a ban on firecrackers to protect innocent lives and the environment, which we also repeatedly emphasized in numerous statements. A big thank you to everyone who helped us achieve this, as well as to anyone who commented at a public hearing supporting the legal ban on firecrackers!

Flash news

  • We have sent inquiries to many retailers about their plans to phase out the sale of plastic bags and disposable plastics
  • We have reported a failure to fulfill the obligations prescribed by the Animal Protection Act in the Municipalities of Stupnik, Velika Trnovitica and Drenovci, as well as in the cities of Ivanić Grad, Split and Našice
  • We attended a meeting of the Coordination Working Group of Zagreb and Sisak-Moslavina Counties, where we helped them with listing the examples of good work practice in dealing with abandoned animals
  • We participated in the Digital Marketing training in Ljubljana through the ERSTE Foundation NGO Academy
  • We have sent requests to expand the range of plant-based products, as well as proposals for cooperation to the addresses of more than 100 bakeries, restaurants, pizza places, fast foods and catering companies
  • Everyone who signs up for this year’s Vege Challenge, Summarum Fitness will gift with free counseling and expertise in free vegan nutrition and exercises
  • Check out what’s new on our YouTube channel
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