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„Teaching a child not to step on a caterpillar is as valuable to the child as it is to the caterpillar.” – Bradley Miller

Firecrakers are a thing of the past!

We invite you all to gather in front of the Ministry of the Internal Affairs in 39 Savska street in Zagreb, on Thursday, January 30th 2020 at 11 am. We have prepared banners with powerful messages and poignant photographs of the effects the use of firecrackers has on humans and animals. This way we are supporting the proposal on firecracker ban, as well as bringing light to the absurd fact that it’s allowed to use firecrackers even on days when nothing is celebrated. Everyone is welcome to join us!

Invitation to a public hearing

We invite everyone to support the ban on firecracker use at a public hearing, as well as to share their experiences and opinions on the importance of the ban. The public hearing is open until February 7th, and our comments on it can be found here. It is very important to have as many comments on the ban as possible. We believe that the Proposal represents a shift towards peace and security, and the protection of humans and animals, but that the ban on firecracker and bandolier use is just the first step towards the necessary ban on all pyrotechnic articles in F2 and F3 categories. In particular, we should refer to the absurdity of the sale of pyrotechnics as early as December 15th, and their use from December 27th to December 30th when nothing is even celebrated. Please take the time to support this ban, it’s important.

Support from the seven Ministries

We have received full support on firecracker use ban from the Ministry of Croatian Veterans. The ban “aims to protect people, animals and the environment, and to maintain safety, peace and well-being of all citizens.” We also have support from the Ministry of Environment and Energy, which is logical given the damaging role firecrackers have on the environment, nature and wildlife. Therefore, a total of seven ministries gave us support.

Veganuary is picking up speed!

Since 2014, the worldwide popular organization Veganuary has been calling for a change in lifestyle by turning to a more compassionate lifestyle through a vegan diet. We have created the Croatian version of Veganuary – Vege Challenge, to which we invite everyone to apply through the website Anyone who signs up for the Vege Challenge, especially in January, will receive free counseling and expert help on vegan diet and exercise from Summarum Fitness. Furthermore, the adorable Spasa pig, rescued from a farm in Serbia, calls everyone to participate in the Vege challenge.

Reporting the state of the shelter in Pula

On behalf of the Animal Protection Network, we have filed a report with the State Inspectorate regarding the state of the shelter in Pula. According to citizen reports, dirty food dishes, faeces, bare concrete, dogs that self-injure due to anxiety, malnutrition and parasites are just a part of their daily routine, as confirmed by the photographs taken there. We salute the decision of the City of Pula to discontinue cooperation with the aforementioned shelter, as well as the decision to build their own shelter. We drew attention to the need for local communities to pay more attention to the contracts they signed, as well as to seek the transparent operation of the shelters they pay for.

Devastating fires in Australia

We have sent a note in which we state the deep disturbance by the huge wildfires in Australia, which are estimated to have destroyed more than 10.3 million hectares of land so far, and killed more than one billion animals. The human species refuses to accept its fault in this catastrophy; high consumption of meat, milk and eggs leads to huge resource consumption, pollution and climate change. The key to the survival of the planet and all of its species, including humans, is the transition to a vegan diet.

Flash news

  • We received much support from various institutions, associations, and individuals on banning the firecracker use.
  • Check out the photo gallery of scared dogs and cats sent by our dear supporters.
  • Check out a new video at our Youtube channel.
  • We sent a reminder to the Veterinary Inspectorate for all our reports, to which we have not gotten any reports on yet.
  • We have advocated for the fee for dog carers, especially those who profit via their breeding, trade, and sale.

Thank you all for supporting, following our work and participating in our activities.
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