AnimaList newsletter special 2019

“Killing and eating animals is a betrayal of our own core humanity.“ – Evanna Lynch, actress

2019 Activity Overview

With this special issue of AnimaList, we presents an annual overview of our activities and achievements in 2019.

Third March for Animals took place in Zagreb

The Third March for Animals was held on Saturday, April 13th. The largest march so far in this area was supported by more than 50 foreign and domestic organizations, as well as famous people. Around 500 participants marched through the streets of Zagreb carrying banners with powerful messages, and colorful flags, accompanied by the drummers of Zli bubnjari and mighty slogans. The atmosphere was amazing. Take a look at the photo gallery..


Green dishes for the blue sea

As a part of the “Respect Our Sea” campaign, in collaboration with the Dvostruka Duga Publishing House, we published a vegan cookbook “Green Meals for the Blue Sea”, by Ana Mihalic, the author of the recipes. We sent the cookbook to more than 850 hotels and restaurants throughout Croatia, as well as culinary schools, and it was also offered to libraries to be a part of their catalogue.


8th VegeFair took place in Zagreb

On May 28, we organized a VegeFair (VegeSajam) at Jelačić Square in Zagreb, with 23 exhibitors and many vegan products. Fair’s growing popularity and recognizability shows that veganism is becoming more popular and recognizable as a sustainable, healthier and ethical diet, and, in general, a way of living.

Slavko Sobin for animals

For the 17th year in a row, through our famous summer campaign “Family leaves for a vacation, dog ends up on the street?!” we reminded that love for animals does not come without responsibility. Gracing the posters put up around Croatian cities, popular Croatian actor, Slavko Sobin, together with his dogs Buba and Mara, presented the message about the importance of adopting, microchipping and castrating dogs and cats. On June 29th, at the Zagreb’s Flower Square, Slavko Sobin presented a visual campaign calling for adoption instead of buying animals.

12th ZeGeVege Festival of Sustainable Living

On September 6th and 7th we held the 12th ZeGeVege Festival on Zagrebs Main Square, resisting the heavy rain and rejoicing in the sun that kept us warm! Let us remember information about the Festival program, lectures and workshops, as well as a list of all our exhibitors.

Popular Čarli encourages adoption

We welcomed the initiative of the detergent and cleaning products manufacturer, Labud Ltd., with whom we launched our joint action named “My Best Friend”. The action aims to raise the public awareness on the need to protect and treat the animals responsibly, stop their exploitation and abuse, as well as encourage the adoption of abandoned animals. By purchasing a special Čarli edition-a popular dishwashing liquid-Labud donates HRK 0,50 to Animal Friends.

World Vegetarian Day

On the occasion of World Vegetarian Day, we organized a competition in preparing savory and sweet vegan dishes, some of which we presented on Tuesday, October 1st, at Petar Preradović Square in Zagreb. On the occasion of World Farm Animals Day, which is celebrated every year on October 2nd, and is as well the birthday of a famous late vegetarian Mahatma Gandhi, the contestants with best dishes won a trip to the Blue Cross sanctuary and hung out with Milica the cow, Piklus the sheep and other fosters while enjoying grilled Beyond burgers.

Vege picnic for Animal Protection Day

In 2019, we again celebrated the International Animal Protection Day with a Vege picnic at Zagreb’s Bundek Lake, organized by the City of Zagreb. On this occasion, we made some suggestions on different ways we all can help animals and become their allies. Also, we made a news statement.


Vegan “kolinje” in the center of Zagreb

On November 16th at Zagreb’s Cvjetni Square, visitors to our booth were able to taste sausages, bannocks with greaves, “salenjaci” (traditional puff pastry) and lard, all made vegan. Passersby could also see the whole process of making vegan sausages, and the pigs whose lives were spared this way could be seen alive, in the photographs at our booth. We wanted to show that no one has to give up the taste and flavors they are used to but can give up this bloody tradition (“kolinje”).

Ministry of Agriculture supported the ban on firecrackers

After the Ministry of Science and Education, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts, the Ministry of Agriculture is the fifth Ministry in a row to support the ban on the use of firecrackers throughout the year to protect people, animals, and the environment, as well as maintain safety and peace. We appeal to the Ministry of Internal Affairs to urgently change legal provisions to put an end to injuries to humans, as well as to animals that cannot protect themselves from dangerous pyrotechnic devices. Likewise, we urge to reinstate the ban on firecrackers throughout the whole year.

International Animal Rights Day

For the occasion of International Animal Rights Day, on December 14th, at Ban Jelačić Square in Zagreb, we brought together 100 activists in the biggest ever animal rights performance in Croatia! With bloody hands and poignant photographs, the activists turned attention to the mass killing and torture of animals that happen every day in the industry of meat, milk, eggs, skin, fur, wool, hunting, fishing, in cosmetical and pharmaceutical industry, as well as in the transport of the animals from farms to slaughterhouses.

We promoted compassionate holidays

We urged the citizens to celebrate Easter and Christmas with vegan dishes, as well as to never buy animals as gifts. Furthermore, we called upon everyone to think of their New Year’s decisions as a vegan challenge.


In addition to the aforementioned activities, we recall a few other events, achievements and initiatives that were important to us and had us engaged, with some of them currently being relevant:

  • We supported, and participated in the climate protests in Zagreb.
  • Together with other associations from the Animal Protection Network, we held a peaceful protest against the non-implementation of the Animal Protection Act.
  • We have reported Benkovac Fair to the Ministry of Agriculture, as it has turned into a place of illegal dog trafficking.
  • We condemned the exploitation of horses for the tough slave labor of extracting wood from forests.
  • We have sent an appeal to the Ministry of Agriculture against the domestication of the cute bear cub named Matija. Instead, he should be moved to and prepared for a life in a sanctuary.
  • On Earth Day, we wrote to the Ministry of the Environment and Energy to ban lightweight plastic bags.
  • On the occasion of the Association’s Open Doors Day, we organized interesting events and signing of the petition to introduce vegan meals to the student canteens.
  • As a matter of utmost urgency, we requested a veterinary inspection to remove the bears from Macola and place them in a bear sanctuary.
  • We have expanded PETA’s campaign with Joaquin Phoenix to fight against speciesism in Croatia.
  • We have pressed a criminal charge against a football player Ivan Gazdek for intentionally abusing and killing a hen.
  • We urged for Croatian National Theatre not to use live geese in the play.
  • We sent a report to chain stores for keeping live fish and crabs.
  • We made a request for amendments to the Rulebook for conditions in animal shelters.
  • We have requested supervision of the unregistered Zoo on the Hvar Island, as well as the sale of animals on the Trešnjevka Market.
  • We have sent a request to the local self-government units in Međimurje County to continue the project of castration of dogs in Roma settlements.
  • We made a request to the Croatian Red Cross to include vegan meals in the public kitchen and while allocating aid packages.
  • We sent a letter to the representatives of the Zagreb City Council, warning about the negative aspects of urban beekeeping.
  • We have warned about a large number of unregistered pet breeders.
  • We have provided advice to the local governments on enforcement of the Animal Protection Act
  • On the decision to subsidize the adoption of abandoned dogs, we have sent a request to cancel this practice.
  • We reminded local self-government units of their obligations under the Animal Protection Act.
  • We have pointed out the inconsistency in the implementation of the Animal Protection Act, which is the responsibility of local self-government units and regional self-government.
  • We reminded the local self-government units of the mandatory measure of dog castration and vaccination in Roma settlements.
  • We reported the City of Vrbovac for the destruction of crows’ nests during the nesting stage.
  • We pointed out the suffering of captive animals in zoos.
  • More on ours activities read here.

Thank you all for supporting us, following our work and participating in our activities. Stand with us again this year; support us with memberships, donations, or in any way you wish and can, so we can accomplish many new successes together.

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