Animalist no. 189

„Switching to a plant-based diet was one of the best decisions of my life – not only from an athletic perspective. I would recommend that everyone try it. Ideally right now in January.” – Patrik Baboumian

Great performance at Advent in Zagreb

For the occasion of International Animal Rights Day, we have brought together 100 activists in the biggest ever animal rights performance in Croatia! With bloody hands and poignant photographs, we turned attention to the mass killing and torture of animals that happen every day in the industry of meat, milk, eggs, etc. We asked everyone to choose an ethical lifestyle and a move to veganism and warned that animals are not our property to use for food, clothing, entertainment or experimentation. Check out photos of the performance here..

Sign up for Veganuary

The New Year is a great opportunity to take a positive step that will change our lives for the better. So we invited everyone to join us and move on to a vegan diet. This will not only provide you with better health, more life joy, and vitality, but also contribute to stopping climate change, saving natural resources and food, and saving animals every day. Sign up for Veganuary here!

Let’s ban firecrackers

We have sent another letter to the Ministry of Interior Affairs to introduce a ban on the use of pyrotechnics throughout the year. We emphasized the absurdity of allowing the use of firecrackers from December 27 to December 30 when nothing is celebrated, and the possibility of a sale from December 15, because the use begins immediately when the sale begins, and injuries occur even then. We believe that the health and safety of animals and humans are far more important than one’s profit and that the common good and protection of citizens should be put first.

Animals are not gifts

At this holiday season, we urged everyone to never buy animals and thus support a cruel pet market. We also emphasized that people shouldn’t give animals as presents because adoption should be a decision made by the whole family. There are estimated thousands of abandoned animals in Croatia, and many shelters are overcrowded by the constant influx of new animals due to irresponsible citizens not castrating animals under their care.

Zoos belong in the past

After a wolf has escaped from the Osijek Zoo, we have pointed out the inhumanity of the zoos and their cruelty. They taught that for the sake of one’s entertainment it is acceptable to keep animals in captivity where they suffer in a confined space, secluded and far from their natural habitats. Keeping wolves in zoos is especially cruel because wolves in the wild live in families consisting of four to five animals that inhabit the area of 150-170 km2 and regularly cross long distances.

Flash news

  • We have reported the brutal killing of two dogs in the Knin area.
  • We have drawn the public’s attention to the unethical nature of palm oil plantations.
  • We have sent reports to the inspectorate regarding the killing of puppies, the illegal breeding of dogs and the neglect and abuse of dogs in Zagreb.
  • We requested information from the City of Djakovo on the placement of dogs in an abandoned animal shelter.
  • We wrote to the City of Vodice and the City of Zapresic about the problem of free-living cats and submitted a proposal for a Decision on the conditions and manner of keeping pets with an article concerning free-living cats.
  • We have asked the City of Hvar to align the Decision on the conditions and manner of keeping pets with the existing Animal Protection Act.
  • We have written to all cities and municipalities in Croatia for the purpose of registering pet breeders and promoting adoption versus purchase.
  • We have submitted proposals to amend the Shelter Regulations.
  • We reported the municipalities of Vir, Tisno, Severin, Prgomet, Proložac, Koncanica, Sveta Nedelja, Bibinje, for non-compliance with the Animal Protection Act.
  • We have asked the Zagreb City Office for Agriculture and Forestry to be involved in training on legal obligations for dog carers and permanent sterilization as a way of controlling the breeding of dogs and cats.
  • We have sent a request for a climate emergency declaration to the Committee on the Environment and Nature.
  • We have pointed out the negative sides of urban beekeeping.
  • We have reported a violation of the Dangerous Dogs Regulations.

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