Animalist no. 187

“The eyes of all future generations are upon you. And if you choose to fail us I say we will never forgive you.” – Greta Thunberg

Vegan “kolinje” in the center of Zagreb

Vegansko kolinje
On November 16th at Zagreb’s Cvjetni Square, visitors to our booth were able to taste sausages, bannocks with greaves, “salenjaci” (traditional puff pastry) and lard, all made vegan. Passersby could also see the whole process of making vegan sausages, and the pigs whose lives were spared this way could be seen alive, in the photographs at our booth. We wanted to show that no one has to give up the taste and flavors they are used to, but can give up this bloody tradition (“kolinje”).

We celebrated the World Vegan Day

dan veganstva
On October 31st we celebrated the World Vegan Day with an impressive performance with great visuals of animals and the message that neither Jerry the bull nor other animals want to end up in a slaughterhouse. We also had a booth display where passersby could enjoy delicious vegan cakes, get recipes for tasty vegan meals, watch the “60 Billion Lives” video, sign current petitions, learn about the benefits of veganism and sign up for the Vege Challenge. You can see the photo gallery here.

World Food Day

Klimatske promjene
October 16th marks World Food Day, which aims to raise global awareness of the issues of extreme poverty, food shortages and water pollution. On this occasion, we have sent a “Request for Planetary Conservation” to Croatian Parliament, requesting that the debate and vote at the Parliamentary session declare an alarming state regarding climate change. In addition to the Request, we have also initiated the signing of a Climate Change Petition in the Republic of Croatia – you can sign it here.

Joaquin Phoenix in PETA’s Animal Campaign

Joaquin Phoenix
A well-known actor Joaquin Phoenix, a popular animal rights activist, has become the new face of PETA’s anti-speciesism campaign, which we brought to Croatia by way of jumbo posters featuring striking visuals given to us by this world-renowned animal rights organization. With its main message, “We are all animals,” the campaign promotes a compassionate life based on a vegan diet and respect for the life of every being, regardless of their species. Phoenix sends a clear message that we can help animals the most by becoming vegans.

Uncontrolled sale of dogs and cats

Svjetski dan borbe protiv bjesnoće
We warned about the uncontrolled sale of dogs and cats, and the fact that the responsible institutions are not responding to obvious violations of the law, which causes animals to suffer, as well as damages the state budget. Many breeders openly violate the law, posting illegal ads for the sale of dogs and cats through online advertising and social networks. We urge everzone not to participate in any way in this animal trade, but rather to adopt a dog or cat, do a good deed, and in the process help the animals and local communities that have to care for them.

Criminal charges for torturing a hen

We have filed a criminal complaint against a football player Ivan Gazdek for the crime of torturing and killing a hen during a match. The football player’s savage behavior was sanctioned only by the referee with a red card, but it is disappointing that his club will not punish him. We also sent a letter to the Croatian Football Federation asking that they unequivocally condemn and sanction the behavior of the aforementioned football player.

Visit to the Blue Cross Sanctuary

svinja rozika
On October 27th, a cheerful team of vegan culinary challenge contestants visited the Blue Cross Animal Sanctuary with us. We helped with cleaning and repairing animal housing, feeding animals, and other related tasks that the shelter managers do on a daily and orderly basis. We also had time to hang out with rescued animals and have a barbecue where, along with mushrooms and vegetables, the popular Beyond burgers and sausages were also grilled.

Meeting of the Animal Protection Network

sastanak mreže
We held the 18th meeting of the The Animal Protection Network, where it was decided that it is necessary to put bigger pressure on institutions and report any irregularities in the application of the Animal Protection Act, especially the cities and municipalities that do not implement the Act, have no contracts with shelters, have not made a Resolution on the manner and conditions of keeping pets, do not control dog microchipping and do not educate about animal adoption or encourage it.

Blic vijesti

  • Sign up to participate in the performance for the animals that will be held on Saturday, December 14th 2019 at 11am in Zagreb.
  • Check out new video on our Youtube channel.
  • We sent a letter to the Mayor of the City of Koprivnica regarding their decision to subsidize foster care of abandoned dogs.
  • We asked Konzum chain store to ban the keeping and sale of live fish in their establishments.
  • On the occasion of Croatian Book Month, we presented the cookbook “Green Dishes for the Blue Sea” at the Ivana Brlić Mažuranić Library in Zagreb.
  • Luka Oman, the President of our association, spoke with the Virovitica Mayor Mr. Kirin and Dražen Majetić, D.V.M., the head of the Virovitica veterinary clinic and animal shelter, on the responsibilities of local self-government units in the implementation of the Animal Protection Act.
  • We talked about the runaway bull Jerry on N1 television.
  • We did a guest appearance on Z1 television where we spoke against hunting and related activities.
  • We participated in a conference in Šibenik on the topic Civil Society in 2030, organized by the Foundation for Civil Society Development.
  • Check out a video of a cow from a Croatian farm that shows stereotypes about her inability to live a life suitable to her species and read a new article on milk and veganism on our website.
  • As we depend on the donations and memberships of our supporters, we once again encourage you to become our member or support us with a donation. Also, everyone is always welcome to collect their volunteer hours with us, so feel free to contact us if you are interested in volunteering.

With thanks and great regards,
your Animal Friends

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