Animalist no. 186

„The most violent weapon on earth is the table fork.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Popular Čarli encourages adoption

Čarli Labud
We welcomed the initiative of the detergent and cleaning products manufacturer, Labud Ltd., with whom we launched our joint action named “My Best Friend”. The action aims to raise the public awareness on the need to protect and treat the animals responsibly, stop their exploitation and abuse, as well as encourage the adoption of abandoned animals. By purchasing a special Čarli edition-a popular dishwashing liquid-Labud donates HRK 0,50 to Animal Friends.

Climate protest

Climate changes need our changes
We supported and participated in the protests to encourage action against environmental consequences caused by a socially irresponsible lifestyle. In a speech held at St. Mark’s Square in Zagreb, we highlighted the positive effects of switching to a vegan diet (reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the meat and dairy industries, saving water and other natural resources, as well as protecting forests and farmland that are being destroyed by animal farming), and supported all the participants.

From strict control to less frequent vaccinations

World Rabies Day
On the occasion of World Rabies Day, celebrated every year on September 28th, we called for the petition to be signed regarding the systematic control of dog microchipping and vaccination, as well as for dog vaccinations to be carried out according to the manufacturer’s instructions, not every year. We emphasized the importance of implementing the Animal Protection Act, that is, for all local communities to fulfill their obligation and to check that all dogs in their area are microchipped.

World Vegetarian Day

Blue Cross sanctuary
On the occasion of World Vegetarian Day, we orbanized a competition in preparing savory and sweet vegan dishes, some of which we presented on Tuesday, October 1st, at Petar Preradović Square in Zagreb. On the occasion of World Farm Animals Day, which is celebrated every year on October 2nd, and is as well the birth day of a famous late vegetarian Mahatma Gandhi, the contestants with best dishes won a trip to the Blue Cross sanctuary, and hung out with Milica the cow, Piklus the sheep and other fosters, while enjoying grilled Beyond burgers.

Vege picnic for Animal Protection Day

Vege picnic at Zagreb's Bundek Lake
This year, we celebrated the International Animal Protection Day with a Vege picnic at Zagreb’s Bundek Lake, organized by the City of Zagreb. On this occasion, we made some suggestions on different ways we all can help animals and become their allies. Also, we made a news statement.

Implementation of the Animal Protection Act

Animal Protection Act
In order to assist in the implementation of the Animal Protection Act, we have sent useful information to cities, municipalities and counties based on the examples of good practice. Furthermore, together with the Croatian County Community, we organized a workshop on the implementation of the Animal Protection Act, where we emphasized the significance the counties have in its implementation.

News flash

  • We received a response from the Veterinary Inspectorate as per our request to prohibit the operation of an unregistered Zoo in Hvar, as well as to take care of the wildlife in appropriate conditions.
  • We hosted a show called “Kod nas doma” (“At Our Home”) where we talked about the importance of not buying animals, as well as the importance of adopting dogs and cats, and the need for permanent sterilization as a way to control the breeding of dogs and cats.
  • We have participated in meetings in the Jalžabet and Trnovec Bartolovečki Municipalities, as well as in the towns of Grubišno polje and Virovitica regarding the control of dog microchipping, as well as other obligations and possibilities for implementation of the Animal Protection Act. We also participated in the program on this topic.
  • Check out the new video on our Youtube channel.
  • We guest-starred in Studio 4 on the impact of the meat, milk and egg industry on environmental pollution and ways to reduce the negative anthropogenic impact on the environment.
  • We attended the CEVA Workshop for Activists in Osijek, with speakers Melanie Joy and Tobias Leenaert.
  • On the occasion of the Animal Rights Day, we will be staging a performance for those without a voice. If you want to participate you can sign up here.

With thanks and great regards,
your Animal Friends

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