Animalist no. 185

“After watching videos of the Amazon on fire this week, I’ve decided that this corned beef I ate last week will be the last piece of beef I ever eat. (…) I’m going to go vegan because it takes 20 times less land to feed a vegan than a meat eater and over 90% of the land cleared in the Amazon rainforest since 1970 is used for grazing livestock. (…) Take a moment, think about it, and reexamine your relationship with food because it’ll make the Earth and ourselves very sick if we keep abusing it.” – Eddie Huang, chef, restaurateur and an author

Love for all living beings

Marija Omaljev and Miraj Grbic
The acting couple Miraj Grbić and Marija Omaljev are working with us this year in a campaign to promote veganism, as well as announce the ZeGeVege Festival. You can see them on the posters around town, sending out a clear invitation to share the love for all living beings and for everyone to visit ZeGeVege on September 6th and 7th. You can check out the posters and their statements here.

ZeGeVege has arrived

12th ZeGeVege festival
The day is finally here! ZeGeVege has arrived, as well as the information about the Festival program, schedule of lectures and workshops, as well as a list of all our exhibitors.

A boar piglet at the Renaissance Fair

Boar Hunt
We have reported an event called “Boar Hunt”, planned at this year’s Renaissance Fair in Koprivnica, to the competent authorities. Due to our report, the Koprivnica Tourist Board has given up on this inhumane event, during which a boar piglet is repeatedly exposed to fear and stress for the sake of “entertaining” people.

Attending the Špancirfest

Špancirfest 2019
This year we participated in Špancirfest, with an Animal Protection Network booth. With our promotional and educational materials, people could find out what the Network does, how to help shelters, what to do when they find an abandoned animal, and where they can adopt dogs and cats. We also presented our cooperation with Čistoća Varaždin.

Prohibition of import of baby elephants into the EU

Elephant abuse
We participated in a campaign to ban the import of young elephants into the European Union for use in circuses and zoos. The campaign brought together more than thirty animal welfare organizations. We are happy to announce that our proposal was accepted and the import of young elephants is now banned. This is a small step towards stopping the use of animals for fun, as well as for breeding purposes and keeping them captive.

Our booth has finally “visited” Rijeka

Animal Friends Croatia in Rijeka
On August 9th and 10th we visited Rijeka to introduce our work to interested citizens, as well as to educate them on how they can help animals. We also collected signatures for our current petitions, such as the one on banning the use of firecrackers, as well as the one on introducing vegetarian meals into public institutions.

World Plant Milk Day 2019

Plant Milk
On the occasion of World Plant Milk Day, we organized an action on August 30th at Zagreb’s Main Square. We have joined many people around the world in drawing the attention to the great benefits of plant versus animal milk for humans, other animals, and the environment.

News Flash

  • We gave out a statement regarding the release of a shocking video of calf and bull abuse in Raša port
  • We sent a questionnaire to all Cities and Municipalities on the implementation of the Animal Protection Act
  • We also gave out advice to all local communities on how they can implement the Animal Protection Act and reduce the number of abandoned animals without major financial investments
  • We received complaints from numerous tourists who remain appalled after visiting the Aquapark Split aquarium and seeing the conditions in which animals are kept there. We sent a report to the veterinary inspection, urging citizens not to visit places where animals are being exploited for promotion, tourism and entertainment
  • We sent a report regarding the Đurđenovac Municipality for not implementing the Animal Protection Act
  • Check our YouTube channel for an interesting video on vegan experiences
  • We made a statement about the increasing number of abandoned dogs, especially during the Summer months. We again emphasized the importance and necessity of microchipping and castration.

With gratitude and massive greetings,
Your Animal Friends

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