Animalist no. 180

“The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man.” – Charles Darwin

Does the law not apply equally to everyone?

Respect the Animal Protection Act
Although it’s been a year and a half since the Animal Protection Act was put into force, there are still some local communities that don’t perceive the abandonment of animals as a matter of their concern, they do not control dog microchipping, do not prescribe permanent sterilization nor do they subsidize it, they have no education programs or adoption promotions, all of it at the expense of the conscientious local communities and animal protection associations.


Macola is violating the law, bears will be relocated to the sanctuary

Macola is violating the law
Considering the deadline was put into force on January 1st 2019, after which no bear can be kept by an individual, we have warned that the owner of Macola catering company, Željko Orešković, has been in violation for four months now. The aforementioned resulted in an announcement from the Ministry of Agriculture in which it decided to relocate two bears – Mrki and Brundo – to a sanctuary.


The Ministry of Health is up for banning firecrackers

The Ministry of Health supports firecrackers ban
The Ministry of Health, along with The Ministry of Science and Education and the Ministry of Tourism has supported the amendments to the Act on Explosive Substances, pointing out that every year – ahead of New Year – they deal with the consequences of the use of pyrotechnics despite numerous warnings. We continue gathering support for the campaign to ban firecrackers, and we urge everyone to help spread the petition.


Let’s ban lightweight plastic bags

Let's ban lightweight plastic bags
Ahead of the Earth Day, we have written to the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy with the request for a complete ban on lightweight plastic carrier bags, with a mandatory charge for very lightweight plastic carrier bags. The practice shows that the symbolic charge for lightweight plastic bags and free distribution of very lightweight plastic bags will not significantly reduce the use of plastic bags in Croatia. It is therefore necessary to control the regulations in order to influence consumer habits.

Dogs deserve a second chance

 Rulebook on Dangerous Dogs
We have appealed to the Veterinary inspection not to kill Otto the dog, as well as to give another chance to the dogs that have attacked people in Podravina, by providing them with an opportunity for socialization – whether their owners want it or not. Sadly, despite our appeal, one of the dogs was euthanized. We advocate that the Rulebook on Dangerous Dogs should be changed in a way that the dog is taken away, with costs of socialization and adoption billed to the owner.


A different kind of Easter

Drukčiji Uskrs
Ahead of Easter holiday, we proposed a celebration without putting chicken eggs on the table. We have warned that of 30 million eggs sold in Croatia just for the aforementioned holiday, most of them come from cage breeding. The practice is to exploit and kill a large number of animals for this celebration – which is completely unjustified. Easter and all other holidays can be celebrated without animal cruelty. We provided examples of appropriate vegan meals.


Third March for Animals took place in Zagreb

Largest Croatian March for Animals
The Third March for Animals was held on Saturday, April 13. The largest march so far in this area was supported by more than 50 foreign and domestic organizations, as well as famous people. Around 500 participants marched through the streets of Zagreb carrying banners with powerful messages, and colorful flags, accompanied by the drummers of Zli bubnjari and mighty slogans. The atmosphere was amazing. Take a look at the photo gallery.


News Flash

  • On the occasion of the Open Doors Day, we invite everyone interested in our work to Animal Friend’s premises for an evening with movies and cake on May 17, starting at 5PM. Spread the news and get a chance of getting to know our work.
  • We have commented on the permanent covert presence of dog fighting in Croatia, as well as on the importance of preventing dog exploitation for this type of crime.
  • We joined the “Brda ljubavi” (The Hills of Love) action through which the Art of Giving association plans to collect around one hundred packages of food products and household necessities until May 10.
  • Luka Oman, the president of Animal Friends Croatia, participated in the Earth Day forum, organized by the Student Club of Faculty of Humanities and Social Studies, where he talked about the impact of animal agribusiness on climate change and the environment.
  • Together with the foreign organization Four Paws we attended a meeting in the Ministry of Agriculture on the subject of care of privately-owned bears.
  • We participated in meetings with the Mayors of Bistra and Stubičke Toplice Municipalities regarding the implementation of the Animal Protection Act, regulation of permanent sterilization and care of abandoned animals.
  • See the changes to the list of famous vegetarians and vegans.
  • We have alerted the competent institutions regarding the destruction of the crow nest in Vrbovec.

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