Animalist no. 179

“The thinking person must oppose all cruel customs no matter how deeply rooted in tradition and surrounded by a halo. When we have a choice we must avoid bringing torment and injury into the life of another.” – Albert Schweitzer

The Third March for the Animals was Held

The Third March for the Animals
After long preparations, the 3rd March for the Animals, organized by Animal Friends Croatia and the Association Victorias, was held. It was the biggest protest for animals in Croatia ever and lasted two hours through the center of Zagreb, with a message of love for all inhabitants of the planet. Prior to the March, banner making workshops were held in our office. The photos from the March can be seen here.


Bear Matija Needs a Chance to Live

Save Bear Matija
International organization FOUR PAWS appealed to the Croatian Bear Committee not to let young cub Matija stay in the ZOO permanently, and instead to try to return him to the wilderness or put him in a sanctuary. We supported them with a letter we had sent to the Committee, and we expect them to make the right decision, and allow Matija to experience life in nature or a sanctuary, as most citizens expect.


How One Company Protects the Environment and Animals

Čistoća from Varaždin
Utility service company “Čistoća” from Varaždin joined the Animal Protection Network’s campaign “Love is not for sale” on their own initiative. They decided to put billboards with the campaign visuals on their garbage trucks, which is a commendable act. Besides that, they sent out brochures with the message of promoting animal adoption to the addresses of 33 thousand households, with their monthly utility bills. The workers of the company spend their working hours in the companionship of about 20 cats and 3 dogs that the company has saved and neutered.

Green Dishes for the Blue Sea

Green Dishes for the Blue Sea
As a part of the campaign “Respect our Sea”, which has a goal to educate and inform Croatian citizens and tourists to respect the sea life in the Adriatic sea, we published a vegan cookbook “Green Dishes for the Blue Sea”, whose author is Ana Mihalić. We sent the cookbook to more than 850 addresses of hotels and restaurants across Croatia, culinary schools, and libraries.


News Flash

  • In cooperation with the “Večernji list” newspaper, we published the Vegan Easter Cookbook, that came as a free sample with one of the newspaper editions.
  • In multiple interviews, we commented on the catastrophic animal abuse in port Raša, as discovered by Animals International and Animal Welfare Foundation and reported by the European Commission.
  • Luka Oman, the president of AFC, held an interactive lecture on the topic of healthy living and veganism to school children during a school cycling event.
  • Students from the NOUS organization from the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb are searching for speakers for their conference “Philosophical and scientific aspects of veganism”.
  • We commented on recent dog attacks on humans, stating that it is always the caregivers’ fault if their dog misbehaves. Dangerous dogs should be sterilized and given a chance for socialization, instead of decisions to be euthanized. Irresponsible caregivers should be punished, not their animals.
  • Soon after we received and published a video of a cyclist intentionally running over pigeons, his identity was found and he was reported.

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