AnimaList No. 4

For those who were worried because they haven’t heard from us much in past few weeks, we want to tell you – we are still here! Unbearable tropical heats chased away the most of our fellow townsmen, so for the past two months Zagreb has been practically empty – what a great scenery for a horror movie! Nevertheless, Animal Friends haven’t rested, but – according to present situation – turned to international activities.

While we were all watching through media the fires that persistently devastated our beautiful coast (half of the island Lastovo simply burnt) and took away the richness of local flora and fauna forever, our small online team took on the challenge of rescuing wild animals and supported organizations from all over the world which went through hard times rescuing their own animals. Thanks to the benefits of the Internet, and fighting enormous invasion of computer viruses Bugbear, SobigF and alike (there were days when we had received over hundred of them in a single day!), this summer Animal Friends lent their ‘Artificial Intelligence helping hand’ to animals from the most distant parts of the globe, such as Australia, the Solomon Islands, South Africa, Greece, Iceland, and finally the USA.

Many of these animals got the international support and exposure they deserve, and we regret the fact that all this time nobody mentioned the animals that got hurt in fires along Croatian coast. Thousands of fish that died because of high temperatures of heated rivers were a bit interesting to Croatian media – at least because of economical damage it caused to Croatian economics. But the animals of Dalmatia and the Croatian islands, none of the reporters considered worth mentioning. The damage was manifested through devastated olive yards, vineyards, pine forests, shrubbery and several burnt houses, but animals do not count, like they never lived there. Nobody thought it was worth mentioning their suffering, their fear while running away from burning flames and dying in agony of planted fires. Although these animals don’t exist anymore, we dedicate the lines of this e-newsletter to remembrance of them. We hope you won’t take it against us for changing the usual story in our introduction with this true story of animals – the victims of summer’s raging fires, and trying to present fear in the eyes of all those anonymous animals that died hidden in the smoke, alone, scared, hopeless, … Every story holds a lesson, so we believe that this one will also find its way to the hearts of those it’s meant for.

Boycott Adidas! Say NO To the Massacre Of Kangaroos For Football Boots!

On August 30th in front of the Lantea Shop in Zagreb, Animal Friends held a protest against Adidas, joining the world boycott of Adidas products due to usage of kangaroo skin in making football boots ‘Predator’, ‘Maniac’ and ‘Supernova’. The protest took place in front of that shop because ‘Predator’ boots, the most lucrative product that kangaroos are killed for (just the fact that world superstar David Beckham wears them says enough) were seen there. So we decided to settle just in front of it with our billboards and flyers and asked the fellow-townsmen to join our boycott. A few dozen meters away our stand was set where we collected signatures for a petition that will be delivered to Australian ambassador in Croatia, Australian government and Adidas. The stand was set for about four hours and in that time we collected several hundred signatures against the largest massacre of wildlife in the history since the buffalo massacre. Are you wondering if we’re satisfied with the success of this campaign organized by our member Sime Validzic in cooperation with British organization VIVA (Vegetarians International Voice for Animals), inviting our fellow-townsmen not to wear animal skin on their own? The answer is: absolutely! This stand, together with the other one set two days before, fulfilled their purpose. Moreover, several days after our protest, Zagreb’s radio stations started to broadcast Lantea Shop’s commercial advertising football boots ‘Predator’! Coincidence? We don’t think so! A desperate try of reacting to our campaign? That’s more likely! But are those hateful football boots worn only by best, real men – as the radio commercial claims – or by the most ignorant ones? We have objective reasons not to comment this one!

How about one personal question? How good is your knowledge of geography? We believe that you all know that the homeland of kangaroos is Australia, and that you all more-less know its geographical position. But what about the Solomon Islands? Okay, we won’t bug you with geography anymore. If you go a bit northwards of Australia, you’ll find these beautiful islands. Why have we picked exactly these islands for our e-newsletter? Unfortunately not because of the beauty of its nature. Did you know that for the past few months the biggest dolphin drama in the history took place (and still continues) exactly there? You didn’t? Then you should read this report that Mr. Alan Cooper, our friend from Cetacea Defence UK, sent to us.

Crisis in the Solomon Isles: A Dolphins Drama Continues!

In early July an unknown number of dolphins but thought to number up to two hundred were captured by local fishermen paid a few hundred dollars to do the dirty work. Christopher Porter a Canadian citizen is implicated in forming companies one being, the Solomon Isles Marine Mammal Education Centre, a name with a thin disguise to capture dolphins for dolphin shows and ‘swim with dolphin’ programmes overseas.

The Solomon Isles have been and still are in political unrest and their government called for a peace keeping force from Australia and New Zealand to intervene. In this present climate it is unclear if any permits were issued by the Solomon Isles government to capture ANY dolphins, however the numbers sited, estimate 60-200 dolphins have been caught, clearly an unsustainable and unprecedented capture operation.

On July 21st, 28 dolphins were flown into Parque Nizuc in Cancun in Mexico. Parque Nizuc is part of a complex of swim with programmes where as many as 150 dolphins are held for the amusement of tourists. A few days later 1 dolphin died and many of the dolphins are reported as being unwell and logging at the surface.

On August 22nd Mexico announced no further imports from the Solomon Isles would be allowed and on August 25th the Mexican authorities close the park for investigations. However back in the Solomon Isles it was reported on August 25th that another 10-15 dolphins had been captured. Eyewitness accounts say that there are now more than 25 dolphins in the Honiara pen.

On August 28th, a national Australian TV show, A Current Affair showed exclusive footage of the seapens in Gavutu and in Honiara. The cameraman was badly injured when attacked by l5 men who tried to prevent him filming the Honiara seapen. A large block of cement was thrown at his side and he had to be subsequently hospitalized.

The pens are overcrowded and even the reporter was moved to say that the dolphins were miserable and hungry. The most pitiful footage was that of a dolphin turning around in circles, obviously a ‘trick’ it had learned in response to getting the sparse and unsuitable food.

Please express your outrage and disgust. There MUST be no further captures and the Mexican authorities must confiscate and then return the dolphins to the Solomon Isles. Australia and New Zealand should ensure the future protection of dolphins around the Solomon Isles.

Useful E-mail addresses:,,,,,,,,,,,

Since we believe that faxes should get more attention than electronic mail, for those who want to send a fax here are some addresses:

Australian Officials:
Minister for Foreign Affairs, The Hon. Alexander Downer, Fax: 61 262734112
High Commissioner for Australia (in Solomon Islands), Hon. Bob Davis, Fax:+677 23691
Honorable John Howard, Prime Minister, Australia, Fax: 00 61 2 62715414,

New Zealand Officials:
Minister for Foreign Affairs, The Honourable Philip Goff, Fax: 64 04 439 8511
High Commissioner for New Zealand (In Solomon Islands), H.E. Heather Riddell, High Commissioner, Solomon Islands, Facsimile: + 677 22 377,

President Vicente Fox, 11850 Mexico D.F., Fax: +52 55 52768045,
Management Authority, Secretaría de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (SEMARNAT), MÉXICO, D.F., Fax: +52 (55) 56 24 36 42
Her Excellency Senora Alma Rosa Moreno-Razo, Mexican Ambassador, Fax: 0207 495 4035,
Honorable Nelson Kile, Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Solomon Islands, Fax: (+677) 38730,
Honorable David Holosivi, Ministry of Forestry, Environment and Conservation,
Solomon Islands, Fax: (+677) 22825,

Parque Nizuc:
Roberto Zambrano, President, Pronatura, Blvd Diaz Ordaz 200, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, 64650, Fax: 00 52 811 8335 5611
Mr Mauricio Martinez de Alba, Fax: 00 52 998 881 3003

Mr. Christopher Porter you can contact through

And here is our sample letter:

Dear Sir or Madam:
Shocked by the news about Solomon Isles dolphins tragedy, I strongly urge you to do everything that is in your power to release captured dolphins and return them to their natural habitat on the Solomon Isles.
The new captures MUST be stopped, whilst Australia and New Zealand should protect dolphins on the Solomon Isles in the future!
With best regards,
Your name:
Your E-mail address:

Boycott Iceland!

The marine mammals seem to be targeted by poachers, hunters, profiteers, ‘scientists’ and similar characters lately. While some steal and trade dolphins on the black market, others try to renew a whale hunt in disguise of scientific research. Animal Friends aren’t speciests, so we joined this campaign and we ask you to do the same. You just have to write that you’re joining Cetacea Defence UK campaign and you send this letter to the listed E-mail addresses.

With this letter I join Cetacea Defence UK and other international protesters which have raised their voice against killing of Minke whales:

A message to the Icelandic People via the Icelandic media

Iceland has been on the verge for the last 4 years of announcing a return to whaling. In this period there has been a growing interest in whale watching by visitors and Icelanders. By simply watching whales, the economy of your country has benefited.
Last month, on 3rd August, it was announced by your government that 38 Minke whales will be killed with first whale already being killed. I wish to remind the Icelandic people that killing whales is: inhumane, whales die in agony from an explosive harpoon, entering the body and shattering internal organs. The time of death for the Minke whale, a mammal may be up to ONE HOUR. The average time of death is several minutes.
Killing whales is: inappropriate to humanity. Therefore, I am going to boycott Iceland and choose to spend money with respecters of whales, rather than with killer of whales.
Yours sincerely,
Your name:
Your E-mail:

Send this protest letter to following addresses:,,,,,,

And now we’re making a sudden turn and land on the southernmost part of Africa. You may think that on such hot and spacious continent animals have the opportunity of enjoying all the benefits of wilderness, and that they’re far from the scent of fear that people carry with them. This is far from reality, and our following campaign, which we supported by writing protest letters, proves it. If you care about wildcats too, not just about the ones that peacefully purr curled up in your lap, we ask you to raise your voice and help our friends from South Africa.

Canned Lion Hunting in South Africa

Canned hunting as understood by the general public is the hunting of tame, captive bred animals. The pretence of fair chase and skill is abandoned, and the ‘hunt’ is reduced to a mere execution. What the South African public wants is to see this despicable form of hunting banned. This policy does not ban canned lion hunting. Nor does it even restrict the practice. Instead, the policy legitimizes it – and extends it to other predators. This policy on canned lion hunting is an eloquent testimonial to everything that is wrong with conservation in South Africa and proves beyond doubt that the South African nature conservation authorities are nothing more or less than a hunting club. This policy is actually a license to cruel soldiers of fortune to entrench and expand the most despicable hunting practices. “Whack ’em and stack ’em” is the moral basis of this poisonous policy.

Five years ago there were thought to be 300 lions in captivity. Now there are more than 2,500. Conservation used to mean preservation. How can the same word be used to encompass commercial exploitation of the cruelest imaginable kind? South Africa is a hunter’s paradise. But for the animals, South Africa is Hell on Earth!

In order to reject this policy as well as any sly variations of ‘concessions’, please register your disgust at this obscene proposal by the South African Government to permit and extend canned lion hunting. Send this letters of protest or write your personal letter, but try to keep your complaints polite and to the point.

Dr Kas Hamman, Chairman of the Committee for the National Policy of the Sustainable Use of Large Predators in SA, Att: Sonja Tolken
The ANC (Ruling party in South Africa)
Minister for the Environment – Valli Moosa
The Secretariat for Biodiversity Convention
The Secretariat for CITES Convention
Mr. Moss Mashishi – Executive Director, SATOUR

Dear Sir or Madam:

May I draw your attention to the despicable practice of canned lion hunting in South Africa. I see from the policy which was gazetted in Govt Gazette 25090, Notice 874 of 13 June 2003, and which is already being implemented in the provinces, that the breeding and hunting of tame lions is being extended to all predators.
After being factory-farmed in captivity the tame targets are then turned out into a hunting camp from which there is no chance of escape. They are then hunted by either gun or bow and arrow, and sometimes by dog packs. (see web site ) All this is done with the approval and permission of your nature conservation authorities. The Kenyan government wisely banned sport hunting as a barbaric relic of colonialism in 1972. Why is South Africa so backward? I am sure that you like most normal South Africans will be as disgusted as I am by such insanely cruel practices.
I am publicizing this information to everyone we possibly can asking them to reconsider whether they wish to support with their tourist dollars a country where such cruelty is institutionalized. Until captive breeding and canned hunting has been banned effectively, and all the 2500 lions and other predators now in captivity are rescued into sanctuaries, I will actively discourage people from visiting South Africa.
Your name:
Your E-mail:

E-mail addresses:,,,,,,,

Should you wish further information about canned hunting in South Africa contact Chris Mercer, Kalahari Raptor Center at (

Maybe we have started to annoy you with all these appeals ‘help these ones, help that ones’, like you already don’t have plenty of work with animals in your own yards. But thanks to the Internet we believe that we’re all much more aware of the fact that the whole world became one big yard, and that none of us can peacefully sit in the shade of his own tree ignoring the problems that others, in this case animals, go through. Because, today the animals from these continents ask for help, but maybe even tomorrow we’ll be the ones forced to send an appeal to farthest parts of the world expecting help. If we apply the method of reciprocation, or as they say: what goes around comes around, we will or will not get that help. Finally, doesn’t it feel better to give then to receive? Absolutely! So we’ll use this opportunity to announce our newest Internet campaign. And to find out what it is about, we have to go through time and space to Athens 2004.

2004 Athens Olympics – Greek Animals Race For Their Lives!

These days, Animal Friends will give their support to Ms. Marijo Anne Gillis, the founder of WAG-New York (Welfare for Animals in Greece – a Lobby Group), which raised its voice in defense of animals in Greece. Namely, poisoning of stray – and owned – dogs and cats is a way of life in Greece and it occurs on a daily basis. Those responsible for spreading poisoned bait, (and allegedly local governments and municipalities give the orders), are rarely caught in the act and usually the bodies of these innocent victims are picked up by garbage collectors in the early hours of the morning and dumped as trash, some still alive and writhing in pain. The poison used can be anything from strychnine and rat poison to farm pesticides and herbicides; even crushed glass placed in raw meat. And all of this is happening to beautify the streets of Greek cities for the forthcoming Olympics. The reasonable question imposes: What’s the real cost of 2004 Athens Olympics? Will the lives of the killed and poisoned animals also be calculated in the budget which the Greek government provides for 2004 Olympics?

To find out more about forthcoming world campaign visit:

After this American-Greek cooperation to which Animal Friends joined as co-sponsors, as well as numerous organizations from all over he world, we move to the North American continent. You’ll be happy to hear that you may be relieved because there’s no more petitions! We would be happy if we could say that there’s no more suffering and problems for the animals, but we and you know better. The situation is far from ideal, we can see that from a new report of our correspondent from New York City. So, let’s see what Susan has to say this time.

State of Animals in the U.S. – Part II

In the U.S. the annual Animal Rights National Conference was held on June 27-August 2nd in Washington D.C. as well as August 1st – 6th in Los Angeles, the two locations made it accessible for activists on either coast. Notables such as actress/vegan/activist Alicia Silverstone, acclaimed author of Animal Liberation, Peter Singer, celebrity political pondit Bill Maher and the founders of Farm Sanctuary, the largest farm animal sanctuary in America, Lorri and Gene Bauston were on hand. The focus was on strategizing for more humane farming techniques.

With well-known groups like In Defense of Animals and Farm Animal Reform Movement (F.A.R.M.) hosting the event, you can bet the talk was on the benefits of a vegetarian/vegan diet and sharing knowledge of that way of life. However, overall it was agreed that the first step is to eliminate factory farms and work with farmers to adopt a more humane technique while asking consumers to purchase ‘free-farmed’ meat. With corporate giant food franchises like McDonald’s and Wendy’s leading the way in demanding more humane treatment of farm animals, some progress has been made, especially with the media pressure from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

The conference was good for kindred spirits to meet and discuss the long battle that lays ahead to abolish factory farming. But what remains and always will remain is: it starts with one.

If you haven’t already adapted a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle, please visit for ten easy steps on how to get there.

How Do I Understand Animal Protection?

Exactly, it all starts from ourselves. This year we, in cooperation with Intimate With Nature Society ( organization (Sofia, Bulgaria), decided to start a joint project How Do I Understand Animal Protection? We’ll inform you more about this project through following issues of our newsletter, all we can say for now is that it’s a contest for pupils and students from Sofia and Zagreb and that they’ll be writing essays on the subject How Do I Understand Animal Protection? The purpose of this project is to make our young brains engage more about the animal issues and animal rights; it is financed by youthExchange.see ( It will be opened from October 1st till December 1st, 2003, and then some of the best works from Zagreb and Sofia will enter the finals and the best ones will be rewarded.

Special news: Hunters are killing dogs in Varazdin!

Before finishing our newsletter, we received this news at the last moment. After Karlovac, we have the same situation in Varazdin as well! Any comment is unnecessary.

On Wednesday, September 10, in Biskupec (small place by Varazdin), by the fence of an industrial building, hunters shot a female dog and seriously wounded her puppy which died later that evening from internal bleeding caused by one of ten bullets. An electrician, who was working on a building of Martina Jurisa, saw men who shot the dogs driving in a vehicle of hunting club ‘Trcka’. When he asked them about what was going on, they pushed him away with their vehicle, and luckily he wasn’t injured because of low speed of the vehicle. The president of Hunting alliance Stjepan Darabos condemned this deed and announced an investigation. We found out that several weeks ago, the hunters also shot a dog owned by Riding club ‘Varazdin 95’, and this happened only hundred meters away from children who watched over horses in the club’s area. By the way, the size of Varazdin county is 126,000 ha of which 77,000 cover hunting areas ran by 35 hunting clubs.

This and that…

And finally here’s your most favorite column, it’s the most dynamic, the shortest, and you all know that us being smart comes to an end! So, let’s go with the speed of Pony Express!

🙂 Along with Forum, Chat and News group hr.alt.vegetarijanstvo, we’re proud to say that a new news group hr.alt.prijatelji-zivotinja with the topics about animal protection and animal rights is also opened for discussion.

🙂 There are several new texts on our Croatian and English web pages, and now we regularly provide the latest news from Animal News Center (!

🙂 October is just around the corner, and we believe that you already know that it’s packed with important dates. So we ask you to join some of your local groups and mark at least some of them. Here are our suggestions:

October 01, World Vegetarianism Day
October 02, World Farm Animals Day
October 03, Laboratory Animals Protection Day
October 04, Animal Protection Day
October 16, World anti-McDonald’s Day, American National Feral Cats Day

Mark them according to your wishes, possibilities and preferences.

🙂 A circus is arriving to Varazdin, but do not worry. Our Varazdin chapter is ready to warn their fellow-townsmen about animal suffering in the entertainment industry.

🙂 So you can’t say we haven’t thought about you, at the very end of this issue of AnimaList we give you one recipe. It’s vegan of course, ’cause is there any better way to enter vegan/vegetarian months than to offer your friend and relatives one vegan Croatian specialty?!

(Makes 4 – 6 servings)

Ingredients: 14 oz fresh oyster mushrooms, 1 middle-sized head of sour cabbage, 1 onion, 2 cloves garlic, 4 Tbsp oil, 5 oz rice, 1 Tbsp flour, 1 Tbsp breadcrumbs, paprika, parsley, salt, pepper
Directions: Stir-fry chopped onion and garlic with oil, add sliced oyster mushrooms and stir-fry for several minutes. Add salt and pepper and let cool. Then add rice, breadcrumbs and finely chopped fresh parsley. Stuff the leaves of sour cabbage with this mixture, fold them and put in a pot where you previously make the fried-mixture of oil, flour and paprika. Pour water, salt to taste, cover and cook about an hour. Serve hot with mashed potatoes.

Enjoy it even without the Naked Cook!

Until next time, receive huge @nimalistic greetings from your loyal crew from Croatia.

P.S. These lines are dedicated to all of them who provided us with their kindness (read financial support and materials) and made our work possible. We want to use this opportunity and thank you from all of our hearts.

P.P.S. These lines are dedicated to those who will support us with their donations in the future, and we want to use this opportunity and thank you in advance!

4 the animals and clear conscience, your Animal Friends