Marš za životinje 8.12.2018.

AnimaList No 172

“One to change a few. A few to change many. Many to change the world. Starts with one.” – Anonimus

Support this year’s March for Animals

March for animals
Help us spread the word about the second March for Animals, which will take place on Saturday, 8th December at 11am, on the occasion of the International Animal Rights Day. The gathering place is King Tomislav’s Square in Zagreb, and everyone who cares about animals and wants to raise their voice for those exploited and tortured is welcome. The week before the March for Animals will be full of various interesting events.


Hunters prohibited from killing dogs

hunters prohibited from killing dogs
A new Hunting Law has come into effect. Very few proposals from associations for animal and nature protection were accepted and we warned that by facilitating the demands of hunting lobbies through this Law, the safety of people and the welfare of animals is undermined. However, commendable is the deletion of the formulation “removal” of dogs and cats from the hunting grounds. We have been fighting for this for more than 15 years, pointing at the injustice that caused a large number of killed dogs and cats. Read more.


Paws up for volunteers

paws up for volunteers
On Saturday 10th of November at the Ban Jelacic Square in Zagreb, an action ‘Adoption is cool’ was held under the motto ‘Paws up for volunteers‘. Anyone who wants to help animals was invited to visit a shelter closest to where they live and spare some of their time for the dogs who need walks and to be played with as well as to promote adopting instead of buying.


We reported a chinchilla breeder for breaking the law

Godišnjica Zakona o zaštiti životinja
We reported a chinchilla breeder for breeding animals for fur and asked the Ministry of Agriculture to enforce the ban on chinchilla breeding and sanction the breeder for violating the Animal Protection Act. After the ten years of transition period, and then almost two years since the fur farming ban in Croatia came into effect, this is a direct mockery of clear legal provisions, former breeders, competent institutions and citizens.


Looking for English-speaking editors

editors needed
We are looking for volunteers who might help us with editing. We’re translating our texts and press releases into English with the help of many Croatian volunteers. Since they are published on our web page, we are looking for native English speakers who might be willing to help us edit our texts before posting them online.


News Flash

  • We’ve added new books to our list of literature: Beyond Beliefs, How to Create a Vegan World, “Svi smo mi azilanti” (We Are All Asylum Seekers), as well as our recently published cookbooks.
  • We organize informative evening stall on Wednesdays at King Tomislav Square and the daily stalls on Saturdays at Ban Jelacic Square and are looking for volunteer help.
  • We had an informative stall at the National and University Library in Zagreb as a part of the “Let’s go green!” conference.
  • We participated in a show Studio 4 on national Croatian TV with the announcement of the March for Animals and commented on the new Hunting Law. We also announced the March in an interview for show Eco Zone.
  • The cold weather of the year has come. Take care of the wellbeing of animals living outside.
  • If you are in a situation of witnessing animal abuse in Croatia, please read our article with instructions for filing a report.
  • We are looking for volunteers to help in the office or from home due to the increasing volume of our activities, especially in encouraging the enforcement of the Animal Protection Act.

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