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AnimaList No 171

“The world is a dangerous place, not for those who do evil, but for those to observe it and do nothing.” – Albert Einstein

Animal Rights March in Ljubljana

March in Ljubljana
We have participated in the March for animals in Ljubljana in order to give support as well as recall an excellent atmosphere at last year’s March for animals in Croatia. The March will be held again this year on December 8, in Zagreb and we are inviting you not to miss it!


Performance on the occasion of World Vegan Day

performance for World Vegan Day
On the November 2, at Ban Jelačić Square we organised a bloody performance on the occasion of World Vegan Day. With the performance, we wanted to portray the responsibility of each individual for their own choice of food on their plate and remind everyone that eating animals and animal products is neither necessary nor justified. On the occasion of World Vegan Day, we are inviting everyone to spread information about the numerous benefits of a vegan lifestyle and to recommend the Veggie Challenge at to their friends. Once subscribed they will receive free fun facts and recipes for next 30 days. See the photo gallery of the performance.

Concert “Let’s adopt friends”

concert in Lisinski
On the 30th October at the Grand Hall of Vatroslav Lisinski in Zagreb, a charity concert „Let’s adopt friends“ was organised. The goal of the concert was to collect means for the renovation of the largest animal shelter in Croatia. Located in Čakovec, the animal shelter currently cares for over 700 dogs. During the concert the Regica Foundation, Animal Friends Croatia and Animalex association, with the production of Viktor Drago, organised giving awards for efforts in helping animals. You can read about the award recipients here.


The President of the Republic of Croatia urged: Adopt, do not buy!

President of Croatia with representatives of associations
On Saturday 27th October 2018, at the Office of the President of the Republic of Croatia, Ms Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović at Pantovčak, there was an Open Doors Day with the theme „Adopt, do not buy“, dedicated to animals in shelters. With other associations from the Animal Protection Network, we presented the work on the implementation of Animal Protection Act and taking care of animals. Associations commended the Office of the President for pointing out to the problem of abandoned animals and for encouraging cities and municipalities to prescribe permanent sterilisation (spaying/neutering), as well as encouraging citizens to adopt dogs and cats instead of buying them.


Anniversary of Animal Protection Act

anniversary of Animal Protection Act
On Friday 26th October 2018 at 11 am, precisely on the day the Animal Protection Law came to force in 2017, we organised an impressive action with volonteers and activists from the Animal Protection Network. Together with four-legged friends who are searching for home and banners with shocking photographs we pointed out to the need for all local communities to conduct control of dog microchipping and to prescribe permanent sterilisation (spaying/neutering) as a breeding control of dogs and cats.


March for the Animals on December 8

Marš za životinje 8. 12.
Follow the event on Facebook for this year’s March for the animals. There will be an Animal Rights Week organised towards the March.


Flash news

  • Visit our evening info stall „Adoption is cool“ on Saturday, November 10 at the King Tomislav Square in Zagreb.
  • We participated in the TV show for youngsters “Give me five” with the theme of vegan diet and an increasing influence of youngstres who wish to change the world they live in through vegan lifestyle.
  • We sent a reaction to the mayor and tourist agency of the city of Lipik for the organisation of „Slavonsko kolinje u Dubrovcu“ (Slavonian pig slaughter in Dubrovac) requesting the City not to be associated with bloody customs of animal slaughter.
  • We provided our support to the Norvegian association for animal protection NOAH for the fight against killing wolves, by sending a note of protest to the Norwegian Prime Minister and the Minister of Climate and Environment.
  • We sent a letter to the Veterinary and Food Safety Directorate to direct their veterinary inspectors to properly interpretate the Article 59 of the Animal Protection Act, related to circuses using animals.
  • At our office in Jurišićeva 25 on Tuesday, November 6 at 4 pm we are welcoming Jadranka Boban Pejić from Makronova, who will hold a lecture: “Why vegan and organic is a win combination”.
  • On Tuesday, November 6 at 6 pm at our office we are organising the first lecture in series of workshops for animal right activists and veganism (Week of Vegan Activism in Zagreb). The lecture will be held by Shivonne Engen, and workshops will be held by Alex Bez, Wesley Omar, Amy Atkinson and Anni Lanki.
  • We are searching for volunteers for our daily and evening info stalls, as well as for our office due to our increasing activities on the enforcement of Animal Protection Act and preparation of numerous upcoming campaigns.

Despite our tremendous effort and concrete results, we are forced to ask you for financial assistance in order to continue fighting for animals. Please support us with a standing order, donation and payment of annual membership fee. Even a few kunas monthly will mean a lot to us.

We are sending you our greetings,
Your Animal Friends Croatia

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