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“As long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love.” – Pythagoras, Greek philosopher and mathematician

ZeGeVege festival – Croatian Veganmania

The unique 11th ZeGeVege Festival of Sustainable Living took place on Friday, September 7th and Saturday, September 8th at Zagreb’s main square. There were a hundred domestic and foreign exhibitors, food sampling and promotional sales, lectures and cooking workshops, as well as an entertainment program, and restaurants which offered a variety of delicious dishes.


When I say kindness, I mean veganism

Dan Richardson na ZeGeVege festivalu
This year’s 11th ZeGeVege Festival also featured a special guest – Dan Richardson, a British actor and producer, a lifelong ambassador to the renowned international Born Free Foundation. Dan Richardson gave a lecture and filmed a documentary about veganism in Croatia. He had announced his arrival via billboards with a message: „When I say kindness, I mean veganism“.


Igor Barberic prepared cupcakes at ZeGeVege!

Igor Barberić priprema cupcakes na ZeGeVegeu
On September 7th at 13:00, Igor Barberic, a famous choreographer and director, made and presented three types of vegan, popular cupcakes. Visitors had the opportunity to taste them, but also get specific tips on how to make them at home without much effort and without expensive ingredients.


Fish in the sea, vegetables on the plate

Ribe u moru, povrće na tanjuru
Our campaign Respect Our Sea, which we have carried out in cooperation with Eurogroup for Animals, entered its third phase. To allow fish to be heard and seen outside the sea depths, we placed 30 billboards in fifteen different cities. We sent a message to the citizens of Croatia: “Leave the fish in the seas, better have peas. Sea animals feel the pain just like we do. Respect their life and freedom.”


Animals suffering and dying in trucks at 37 ° C

Belgium bans fur farming
The Animal Welfare Foundation has investigated the conditions in which more than 4,000 live animals had been transported from Europe to Turkey. Animals can spend days in trucks where the temperature rises up to 37 ºC during summer, and are thirsty and hungry while waiting to cross the border. The export of live animals from the European Union to other countries is unethical and gruesome. Therefore, we are pleading for its abolishment. See more at www.whyveg.com.


“Owner’s” dogs are the only cause of abandonment problems!

napuštena kujica sa štencima - udruga Futura
43 associations that constitute the Animal Protection Network are united in the appeal not to ask dog breeders for an opinion on the problem of abandoned dogs and cats, but associations that carry the burden of puppies and kittens on their backs every day. They demand that all local communities follow the example of over 80 of them who have already decided on compulsory permanent sterilization with records of exceptions.


Speciesism – Discrimination by Species

Vegan outreach o specizmu
Have you ever encountered the term speciesism? Millions of people around the world already know that speciesism is “a failure to attribute equal respect and consideration to any conscious being, regardless of the species or characteristics typical for a certain species.”, as defined by Joan Dunayer, a writer and animal rights advocate. In more than 20 countries around the world, the World Day for the Elimination of Speciesism was celebrated on August 25th.


News Flash

  • We have supported the Zagreb Animal Save activists at a rally against a circus performance and the performance was canceled! Camels and other animals have no place in a circus and the Animal Protection Act should be respected.
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