AnimaList No 167

“As custodians of the planet, it is our responsibility to deal with all species with kindness, love and compassion. That these animals suffer through human cruelty is beyond understanding. Please, help to stop this madness” – Richard Gere, actor

Respect Our Sea

Respect Our Sea
In collaboration with the organization Eurogroup for Animals, we have launched a campaign called “Respect Our Sea”. The aim of the campaign is to educate Croatian citizens and tourists about respecting the sea and sea life. After contacting over a hundred coastal cities and municipalities and inviting them to put up educational boards on their beaches with a sign “Respect Sea Life” which included warnings regarding the prohibition of fishing, first interested parties have joined – the City of Dubrovnik and the Vela Luka municipality.


15th meeting of “Animal Protection Network” was held

15th meeting of Animal Protection Network
On July 14th 2018, another successful meeting of Animal Protection Network was held in our premises. There were representatives of 13 associations from over 40 member organizations. A lot of other associations unfortunately were not able to attend due to numerous obligations regarding the care of abandoned animals that they had taken over from local and regional self – governments.


Belgium introduced fur farming ban!

Belgium bans fur farming
Flemish Government has accepted the decision that is expected to end breeding animals for fur in Belgium. In Croatia, fur farming ban entered into force in 2017. New legal provisions in Belgium also contain the prohibition of forced feeding of animals in order to produce foie gras. In Croatia, forced feeding of animals has been prohibited since 2006.


There is an increasing number of good practice examples

microchipped dog
We have sent a letter to all local and regional self-governing bodies with the inquiry about the implementation of the new Animal Protection Act. So far, we have received around 50 responses, among which there are some extremely positive examples which show there is no excuse for not enforcing the Act.


Help dogs by volunteering!

dogs in Čakovec
Another appeal for help has been sent from the animal shelter Friends in Čakovec. The reason is a big campaign of spaying/neutering dogs in Roma settlements in the Međimurje County, which is still ongoing. You can help by volunteering or in many other ways, while the biggest help is needed in advertising and the adoption of dogs.


Stores are not slaughterhouses

fish - video Marine Uzelac
We continued the campaign “Respect Our Sea” and we have contacted supermarket chains in Croatia appealing to them to join the campaign by adopting the decision not to sell live fish and crabs for human consumption. The stores should not be the places where animals are tortured and killed. Please, watch the video and write to them as well.


Thank you, Oliver, for all your support. Rest in peace…

Oliver Dragojević
We recalled our beautiful collaboration with Oliver Dragojević and his participation in our project “I love animals”. Oliver was one of the celebrities who took part in the band aid for animals and the song “No excuse”. The aim of the project was, despite the hard situations that animals face, to instigate positive thinking and active participation of citizens in the protection of animals and their rights.


Flash News

  • We issued a warning on the high danger of leaving dogs in cars during hot summer days.
  • We warned about the increase of abandoning companion animals during summer and reminded of existing fines for those who do so.
  • We reacted on the lack of the regulation regarding transportation of companion animals in urban and intercity transport.
  • Preparations for the ZeGeVege Festival are in full swing and the applications for volunteering have already started in order to make this, 11th Croatian Veganmania, unforgettable.
  • We submitted a criminal report for the abuse and killing of a rooster in Šamatovci.
  • We are looking for employees and volunteers for office work, due to increased activities. We need your help.

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Thank you in advance,
Your Animal Friends Croatia

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