AnimaList No. 1

The first issue of the Animal Friends Croatia’s electronic newsletter – AnimaList is in front of you. Why AnimaList? Well, since such daily newspapers as Vecernji list, Jutarnji list and Novi list already exist in Croatia, we wanted to have a ‘list’ of our own, and what would be more appropriate than AnimaList?

Circus is NOT entertaining to animals!

At the moment, Italian circus Embell Riva is in Split. As you already know, animals are taught to perform ‘entertaining’ acts with the help of bullhooks, whipping, beatings, electric shocks, and lots of suffering. Small trucks are used for transport and trips are long, very long, no matter the weather conditions. In scorching heat or blistering cold, animals ‘endure’ everything with the help of training sticks. Therefore, we demand of all Croatian towns to ban circuses with animal acts, and we ask our fellow town people to boycott these shows.

The protests of Animal Friends are accompanying the circus from town to town. Zadar is the next in line, but our members are already waiting in Sibenik, Dubrovnik and further to the north – in Rijeka, Pula, and the rest of Croatia. In every place we hold a protest, we show a movie about the life of animals in circuses. During the press conference in Zagreb, journalists were hurriedly leaving the projection upon seeing what was happening to the animals for the purpose of ‘entertainment’. Maybe all the visitors would hurriedly leave the circus arena if they knew what we know – circus is not entertaining to animals!

For burning the kittens – a slap on the wrist?!

Shocked by the recent events on the island of Krk where seventeen-year-old high school kids were burning kittens whilst still alive and dragging their mother from a running car, Animal Friends Croatia demanded from the Ministry of Justice a severe punishment for the young offenders. From the highest government institutions we demanded the change of Animal Welfare Act in accordance to our suggestions in our proposal of the new bill.

The very Act is contradictory and full of loopholes, and it needs to be changed. While European Community is banning animal experimentation, fur farming, hunting, and other cruelties on animals, our Act resembles a hand-book for animal torturing. The time has come for our country as well to make a step toward more ethical treatment of animals, since we are emphasizing so much our closeness to Europe.

Meatout Day 2003

For the second time we have marked Meatout Day in Croatia, a day when consumers, ecologists, and animal rights activists alert the public about the dangers of eating meat. There are many reasons for vegetarianism: from the basic ones, that is, the killing of animals and cruelty to animals, to endangering of human health, water consumption and pollution, as well as the pollution of earth, air, deforestation of rain forests, consumption and unequal distribution of food around the world, and all that just to buy expensive, but rather monotonous diet based on animal carcasses. On this day we have tried to remind the Croatian public of the existence of ethical, ecological and healthy foods and diets and therefore organized various tasting and distributed small packages with soya and soya recipes.

Actions were organized in ten towns where we have our branches, with all of them being excellently monitored by media and well accepted by passers-by. It was our first simultaneous action in almost all Animal Friends Croatia branches. Encouraged by this success, we have decided to launch new campaigns soon.

Animal Friends Slovenia

On the March 22, World Waters’ Day, when our organization is alerting of the severe impact of meat industry on the waters of our planet and its enormous water consumption, Animal Friends ‘delegation’ visited neighboring Slovenia. After the movie projection and a few words about our organization which took place in a border place Metlika, where we were joined by representatives from Ljubljana, Animal Friends Slovenia were founded during the tasting of excellent vegan foods. Having the full support of the rest of our organization, we are looking forward to expanding our activities in Slovenia as well.

Though we were discussing the funding of Animal Friends in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Serbia much sooner than in Slovenia, due to the current situation in Serbia this has been postponed whilst we are hoping to have Animal Friends in Bosnia and Herzegovina soon. Apart from founding its branches in Croatia, Animal Friends are spreading to the neighboring countries as well, thus becoming an international organization with only one goal – fight for animals, because animals know no borderlines, animals know nothing about nations, and the pain they suffer is the same no matter which country or city they live in.

New branches in Sisak and Varazdin; ten new towns are waiting for their turn!

Prior to our ‘invasion’ of Slovenia, branch offices in Sisak and Varazdin were founded. Though very young, the branches readily joined our Meatout Day campaign, and they also started with their other activities, such as street stands, for instance. We were more than pleased with their work, because Nerina showed that Sisak can do much, and in Varazdin Sinisa gave hope to the male part of our membership that the situation for them, regarding the president count, won’t be so hopeless in the future. So, at the moment, men preside over two branch offices while women preside over 9 of them!

But nobody knows what the final score will be, since more than ten towns are waiting for their branches. From all parts of the country, from north to south, members are contacting us and starting with their work.

We have nothing but words of praise for the work of our branches; printing of flyers and other materials, radio shows and numerous actions are just a part of their activities. They all work hard, but well organized and to the best of their abilities. Why don’t you join us as well, and become a part of change.

The first official vehicle of Animal Friends Croatia!

From Ministry of Finance, AFC got a really valuable donation, a Renault 4, which, instead with HAK (Croatian Auto Club), ended up with us. It is the 1991 car, but in a pretty good shape actually. We are waiting for a sponsor who will pay the costs of registration and insurance so we could drive it out in the street. The vehicle 001 is here, if we don’t count a shopping cart which was our means of transportation so far and a couple of bicycles and Rollerblades.

Prizes, quiz, interesting things, forum, news,…

Last week it was pretty ‘hot’ on our forum. There were lots of discussions, initiatives, stories and ever more visitors. However, our forum is still a refuge for those who do not like arguments, fights, threats and provocations. You are also welcome.

You can find our new award game on our web site. It only waits for you to play and hit the jackpot!
The quiz Do you like animals? is new on our web site. Why don’t you find out how much do you really like animals, or how much you DON’T like them? These days we are hoping for a few more changes, some interesting items from the animal-human world and we are also planning on opening a web site in German as well. Therefore, we are using this opportunity to ask our polyglots to help us out in creating a web site for those who speak German.

With Hina we have signed a contract, so now you will be able to read the news from around the world every day. First-hand we are passing on to you the Hina and PETA news, as well as other agencies and organizations news from all over the world.

Last of all, join PETA in their new campaign in saving dogs from the laboratories !

After a 9-month investigation into animal testing in Iams Company, the part of Procter & Gamble company, PETA exposed to the world the truth about how little this animal food producer cares for dogs and cats.

For more information visit where you can read about their efforts to free 19 dogs, victims of nutritional experiments in Iams Co. and find a good home for them.

In the meantime, you can send a sample letter to the following address:

Jeffrey P. Ansell, President
Iams Company
7250 Poe Ave.
Dayton, OH 45414-5801

Dear Mr. Ansell,

I won’t be buying P&G or Iams (Eukanuba) for my animal companions until you stop using contract laboratories for nutritional experiments. Please, let the 19 “Met” dogs out of your laboratory and turn them over to PETA so they can be adopted to good homes.

I sincerely hope that you will find enough decency in your heart to free these dogs, and find alternatives for your experiments. Until then, I will boycott your products and urge others to do the same.

Yours truly,

Of course, do not write them that you are already boycotting Procter&Gamble products because of their disgusting experiments. Let them think a little. Maybe at least these 19 dogs will be saved.

After all said and done, here is a little humor from our web site:

“Doctor, a dog bit my ear!”
“Did you disinfect it?”
“No. He immediately ran away.”

Else …

Our working hours are on Monday from 6 P.M. to 8 P.M. but you can also find us in our office in Gunduliceva 21a every day from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M. Our office phone number is 003851 377 44 63 so you can give us a ring. As for the phone numbers of our branches, you can find them on our web site.

We hope that you liked the first issue of our newsletter and that you will not hesitate in participating with your texts, suggestions, actions, reactions and above all – WORK!

Read us in the future as well. Until then, we are sending you our @nimalistic regards!