Ksenija Pajić i Amy za odgovorno skrbništvo

AnimaList No 165

“When people say: ‘What can I do for animals?’ I tell them: ‘Don’t eat them. That’s the first step. Being vegan is the best thing we can do for the animals.'” – James Cromwell, actor

Raise your voice for spaying/neutering of cats and dogs!

Neda, Dunja, Nina i Katarina: Dajte glas za kastraciju pasa i mačaka
15 famous people joined the “Don’t turn a blind eye, castrate” campaign, proving that that this topic is worth the attention. Neda Parmac-Klacar, Dunja Vejzovic, Nina Coric and Katarina Strahinic spoke in the new video about the necessity of acknowledging the suffering of many abandoned pups and kittens. They asking the cities and municipalities to prescribe the permanent sterilization (spaying/neutering) as a way of reproduction control of cats and dogs.


Temporary adoption is also cool!

Najmanjima je potrebna velika ljubav
On June 6th, the summer event “Adoption is Cool” was held and led by the slogan “The Tiniest Need the Biggest Love.” Its goal is to promote the possibility of temporary adoption and show other ways of helping stray animals.


June 30th – Legal deadline for microchipping control

kazna zbog nemikročipiranja
As per Animal Protection Act, all cities and municipalities have to carry out full dog microchipping control by the July 30th, 2018, i.e. make sure that all dogs in their area are marked with a microchip. We have brought out a large deposit slip to the main square in Zagreb to show everyone it’s better to pay the 80 kuna (12.54 USD) required for dog microchipping and respect the Act, then pay fine up to the 6,000 kuna (940.34 USD) for not respecting the mandatory microchipping.


Kranksvester in the “Snip, snip!” episode

The hip hop duo from Osijek has filmed a video supporting the campaign “Don’t turn a blind eye, castrate”. The performers are using their entertainment skills to assist the Victories association in their goal to make the city of Osijek prescribe mandatory castration. 60 local communities in Croatia already prescribed mandatory castration in their area.


Roll up your sleeves and help the dogs in Cakovec shelter!

akcija u Čakovcu
On June 30th, another charity and work event took place in the largest animal shelter in Croatia called “Friends”. The shelter still requires veterinarians and volunteers, precious food donations, medicine, construction material and financial support. The shelter also requires help in spreading the word and direly needs people up for temporary and permanent adoption of dogs.


Microchipped dog, caretaker in peace

Ksenija Pajić i kujica Amy
Actress Ksenija Pajic and dog Amy are the new faces of “Family to the seaside, dog to the street?!” campaign, which promotes responsible adoption. The slogan “Dog microchipped, caretaker in peace” highlights an important theme of the Animal Friend’s current campaign, which is the legal obligation of dog microchipping. The campaign was also helped by three playful dogs from the Zagreb’s animal shelter in Dumovec. They are called Kana, Korly and Johny, and they are looking for a new home.


Your nine minutes, their entire life

Devet minuta u virtualnoj klaonici
On June 27th, citizens on Zagreb’s main city square could step inside a slaughterhouse using Virtual Reality goggles. The ones who managed to stick out and watch the entire film got a special reward as an extra stimulus for switching over to a vegan diet. You can also watch the movie “IPigs” on YouTube.


Flash News

  • We took part in the public discussion of the Rulebook on pet shops.
  • We are working on preparing the ZeGeVege Festival. The first exhibitors are already confirmed and we again expect two unforgettable days and many visitors.
  • We sent a letter to all cities and municipalities in which we have offered visual for billboards of the campaign “Family to the Seaside, Dog to the Street?!” and graphic layout for printing the leaflet about the obligations of a dog caretakers.
  • We’re continuing to work on assuring implementation of Animal Protection Act.

Since the entry into force of the new Animal Protection Act, we have been involved in an all-encompassing and persistent work to encourage its implementotation, which means that unplanned expenses keep piling on. By donating and/or choosing annual membership, you give us the opportunity to reach our goals together. We invite you to learn about all the ways that you can help us.

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