AnimaList No 164

“Has it ever crossed your mind, when looking at a steak on your plate, that you are eating someone who was born in prison, who spent their entire life in that prison and shared it with thousands of others, just to be slaughtered with its brothers and sisters? It has crossed mine, and that it is why there are no more steaks on my plate.” – Darko Rundek, musician

The 7th VeggieFair took place

7. VegeSajam
The 7th edition of VeggieFair took place in Zagreb’s Jelacic Square on May 21. A wide selection of vegan food was presented through various tastings and special offers. Zagreb’s mayor, Mr Milan Bandic, was among the visitors of VeggieFair who had an opportunity to test their strength by participating in push-ups on pumpkins and win vegan desserts.


Support permanent sterilization!

Zdenka Kovačiček
The Croatian celebrities Zdenka Kovacicek, Ivana Miseric, Ana Gruica and Tamara Loos made an endearing video telling citizens that introducing permanent sterilization (spaying / neutering) in Croatian cities and municipalities is the only solution to the problem of abandoning animals. The video is a follow-up in the campaign “Don’t turn a blind eye, castrate”, that started with a video-teaser and was signed by 30 animal protection associations.


Helping cats by spaying/neutering

Tina Koščec
In collaboration with the associations from the Animal Protection Network, we marked the World Cat Spay Day. On May 26, we set up an information stall on Zagreb’s Jelacic Square, where we informed passers-by about the importance of spaying/neutering. Tina Koscec, a poet and radio presenter, who adopted two cats from the street and whose message can be heard in her video, helped us. She had already contributed to animal protection by dubbing the film “60 billion lives”.


New working action in the “Friends” shelter

sklonište Prijatelji
The animal shelter “Friends” (Carinski odvojak bb, Cakovec) and the dogs from the Roma settlements need your help again. The project of helping dogs in the Roma settlements of the Medjimurje County is about to start! On May 16, the second working action aimed at increasing the shelter’s capacity will take place, and another one will follow in two weeks time. Apart from increasing the capacity, the shelter also needs other forms of help and support. There is enough work for everyone, and all those who wish to help in any way can contact shelter “Friends” at

Flash News

  • We have given a statement to Al Jazeera about the situation with abandoned animals and prescribing mandatory permanent sterilization (spaying/neutering).
  • We are continuing to intensively conduct activities related to the implementation of Animal Protection Act.
  • New on the Web and the Net:
    a) Announcement for the 11th ZeGeVege Festival

Ever since the new Animal Protection Act entered into force, there is plenty of persistent work on its implementation ahead of us. You can help us make it possible to succeed by donating or paying the annual membership. Please recognize this moment and find out here how you can help.

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