štednja vode i veganstvo

AnimaList No 163

“Vegans consume less saturated fatty acids and cholesterol, and more nutritional fibers, magnesium, potassium, vitamin C, vitamin E, folic acid, carotenoids, flavonoids… Precisely these differences in nutritents could represent health benefits for those who have diverse and balanced vegan diet.” – Ivana Simic, dietitian

Performance to support permanent sterilization

performans podrške sterilizaciji
Over 30 member organizations of the Animal Protection Network used a performance to draw attention to the problem of unwanted animals. The Animal Protection Act provides the possibility of issuing regulating mandatory permanent sterilization (spaying/neutering), which could end the daily suffering and death of abandoned animals. The performance was part of the “Don’t turn a blind eye, castrate” campaign.


Friendship – Humans and Dogs

Prijateljstvo – ljudi i psi
In cooperation with Sunflower—Education for love and nonviolence, Animal Friends Croatia and Noah’s Ark, the City of Zagreb and its Animal Shelter Dumovec held this year’s first “Adoption is cool” campaign. As part of the campaign, Ida Pavlic and Nadja Jovanovic presented the “Friendship – Humans and Dogs” picture book, which showcases a friendly relationship between people and dogs, and sends the message that love cannot be bought


Save the Earth – with your fork!

ekologija i veganstvo
We celebrated Earth Day by making a list of 10 reasons for choosing a diet that does not include meat, dairy, eggs or honey. Choose a green diet for sustainability; save the Earth with your fork.


Large-scale campaign for the neutering of dogs in Romani settlements

kastracija pasa u romskim naseljima
This May, the Ministry of Agriculture is launching a large-scale campaign for the neutering of over 3,000 dogs in Romani settlements in the Medjmurje County. After years of drawing attention to the problem of abandoned dogs, the Ministry, in cooperation with shelter, veterinarians, organizations, municipalities, cities, counties and the Roma population, is finally launching this remarkable campaign designed to help dogs.


Thirty cities and municipalities have already regulated permanent sterilization!

pas na snijegu
Many local communities recognized the dog microchipping control, and the issuing permanent sterilization – with registered exemptions – as mandatory methods of dog and cat reproduction control. This provides an opportunity for a long-term effective solution to the problem of abandoned animals. By incorporating and implementing these measures, local communities become each other’s examples of good practices


Famous snouts in the secret service

njuške u tajnoj službi
The Animal Protection Network has posted a video teaser, featuring an announcement for the new campaign. Famous snouts and their human spokespersons came together to deliver an important message. The information that the snouts are currently able to share is that the campaign will let you know how you can help out our four-legged friends.


Voluntary work action in the Cakovec Animal Shelter

akcija uređenja skloništa
On Saturday, May 12, 2018, voluntary work action was held in the “Friends” Animal Shelter in order to prepare for the welcoming of dogs from Rom settlements in Medjimurje that won’t be able to undergo neutering because of their age or health. Over a hundred volunteers took part in the action. They were thanked by the Mayor of Cakovec for their efforts. The project to help dogs in the Roma settlements of the Medjimurje County is almost underway. The shelter needs your support. Be their helping hand.


Firecrackers dangerous for children and animals

uplašen pas
We are continuing our campaign to ban loud pyrotechnics and, as part of the “City of Zagreb’s Kindergartens Days”, on Sunday May 13, 2018, we educated children on the Budek Lake in Zagreb about the consequences of using firecrackers. In order to protect children and animals, we invite everyone to sign the petition for a year-round ban on the use of loud pyrotechnics.


Come to VeggieFair!

vege sajam
We are inviting you to 7th edition of VeggieFair on Zagreb’s Jelacic Square on May 21. Here is a list of exhibitors who will be at the VeggieFair: bio&bio, Encian, Annapurna, Greencajg, Tvornica zdrave hrane, Okus doma, Simple Green, Nutrimedica, Sana Delikatese, OPG Rozic Ivana, Vegetariana, Pusti otok, SMID, OPG Knezevic, OPG Kalic, Krezubi krokodil, people2people, OPG Trgovac Misko, Arka nasa – Qala kozmetika, Juicy and OPG Lovro Lenac. VeggieFair event is also an annuncement of this year’s ZeGeVege festival which will also take place on Zagreb’s Jelacic Square, on September 7 and 8, 2018.


News Flash

  • New on the Web and the Net:
    a) Lily Lolo added to White list of companies which don’t practice animal testing
    b) New legal member – DVS electro team

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