Animalist 160

AnimaList No 160

“It is very commendable of town of Cakovec to immediately implement the new Animal Protection Act, regarding the complete control of the microchipping dogs, and administering permanent sterilization as a way to control the breeding of dogs and cats. We believe this is a good example which will follow other local communities. The only way to end the irresponsibility is to immediately proceed with implementing the Animal Protection Act and to use all the good legal tools.”
– Luka Oman, Animal Friends president

Permanent Sterilization to Save the Animals

Trajna sterilizacija
We marked World Spay Day by sending the letter to public explaining that permanent sterilization is the only solution to the suffering of abandoned animals. The current tragedy of thousands of dogs in Roma settlements is the best example and explanation why is the solution. The new Animal Protection Act offers solutions and tools which enable cities and municipalities to administer permanent sterilization (spaying/neutering or other permanent methods) as a mandatory way of controlling animal population, which we support as an association.


Appeal to the Ministry to ban the Fireworks

Apel MUP-u za zabranu petarda
We sent a letter to the Ministry of the Interior, asking to prohibit loud pyrotechnics throughout the whole year. We requested urgent changes to the Law of explosive agents to allow cities and municipalities to declare such a ban on their territory. At the beginning of January, veterinarians from Virovitica launched a petition for banning the use of pyrotechnic articles of all categories throughout the whole year which we supported.


Dog Microchipping Controls Started

kontrola mikrocipiranja
Although tagging dogs with microchips are mandatory since 2004, controls now started, and they got concrete results. The city of Cakovec was the first city to declare mandatory sterilization as a way to control the reproduction. Due to that, they became an excellent example for other cities and municipalities. The city of Cakovec also announced mandatory dog microchipping controls, deciding the city will not allocate funds because of irresponsible citizens.


Abandoned Puppies and Kittens Across the EU

Napustena macka
We have supported the proposal of resolution to the European Parliament on mandatory sterilization of dogs and cats, presented by the Croatian MEP Ivan Jakovcic. Explaining the proposal, Jakovcic pointed out there are about 100 million stray dogs and twice as many cats in the member states! MEP Davor Skrlec also supported the proposal, and support of all other MEP’s is expected.


Say Goodbye to Cow Milk

Reci zbogom
The toughest goodbyes are those which are irreversible, especially the painful separation of a mother and her child. In the wonderful PETA Germany’s “Goodbye Milk” video, which we translated to Croatian, theme is the separation of cows from their children in the dairy industry. Watch the video that will touch you and encourage you to change.


News Flash

  • After several reports from citizens on animal torture by Josip Tonkovic Tito while wild boar hunting we contacted the District Attorney in Gospic asking them to initialize criminal procedure before a competent court.
  • We contacted the Veterinary inspectorate in Osijek due to many reports of concerned citizens about the footage published on the web portal The footage shows public torture and harassment of roosters during the carnival tradition kakasütésu (whacking the rooster) in Vardarac. We sent them a letter asking them to punish the perpetrators. Portal removed the controversial article at our request.
  • We praised the Police administration of Virovitica-Podravska County, who quickly and efficiently tracked down the dog abusers in the region of Slatina who took part in illegal dogfights with their dogs. The police is continuing the investigation.
  • We engaged in public consultation for making Draft of regulation on performing commercial fishing on the sea by seine nets, seeking to prohibit the use of all seine nets in the interest of the conservation of the Adriatic Sea and its biodiversity.
  • After voting for the best social campaign in 2017, organized by the Brodoto agency, the first eight campaigns, including the March for Animals, entered the finals and were presented to the audience and the competent jury at the Impact conference 2018.
  • We started a collaboration with the specialist veterinary practice LunimirVer from Zagreb as part of the program for more affordable spaying/neutering.
  • The premiere of the film “The Invisibles” was held on March 1st in Osijek and March 6th in Zagreb.
  • We continue intense activities toward enforcing the Animal Protection Act.

  • With the ratification of the new Animal Protection Act, there is plenty of persistent work on its implementation ahead of us. You can help by donating and paying the annual membership. More information about the ways in which you can contribute is available here.


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