Mars za zivotinje

AnimaList No 157

At once, I realized the hypocrisy of telling a child to pet the lamb, before later killing and eating it. In a second, I became disgusted by my own hypocrisy – petting the animal I will soon eat. I decided that, for a few days, I would not eat meat – this choice lasted for years. The meat has become repulsive to me.” – Branko Djuric Djuro

March for Animals!

Marš za životinje
On the occasion of International Animal Rights Day (December 9th), nearly 400 two and four-legged participants marched loudly through the center of cold and rainy Zagreb! The March was supported by Dunja Vejzovic, Ibrica Jusic, Igor Barberic, and many other famous people who sent messages of support, as well as 17 associations from Croatia and 12 associations and political parties from around the world. Watch photos and video from the March and experience the great atmosphere.


Michael Kors Goes Fur Free

Michael Kors odbacuje krzno
Michael Kors Holdings Limited, a world famous luxury fashion group, has announced that it will no longer use animal fur in its products. The fur will be completely phased out of its production system by the end of December 2018. With this announcement, Michael Kors and Jimmy Choo join the international Fur Free Retailer program.


End Pig Pain

Stop patnji svinja
On the occasion of the upcoming holidays, Eurogroup for Animals and Animal Friends Croatia want to share the video with the Croatian public about the painful and sad practice of tooth-clipping piglets. Sign the petition to end the suffering of pigs at


Horse Competitions In Pulling Logs

Konj povlaci trupac
We sent a letter to the Ministry of Agriculture, pointing out that horse competitions in pulling logs are illegal, and asked the Ministry to instruct its veterinary inspectors not to give consent for those competitions taking place.


Coordination Working Groups

Psi u sklonistu
A month after the entry into force of the Animal Protection Act, a first coordination working group was established in Virovitica-Podravina County. The coordination working group will propose measures to reduce the number of abandoned animals in their area. We have sent letters to all the counties for the urgent establishment of coordination working groups.


Prescribing of Permanent Spaying/Neutering

Napusteni pas
We have sent a letter to all local communities on the possibility of prescribing permanent spaying/neutering as a mandatory way of controlling reproduction and solving problems with abandoned dogs in their community.


Without Buying Animals Before Christmas

Anjica i Koto iz Udruge Pobjede
We appealed to the public not to buy animals, because they are not Christmas gifts but living beings. We suggest that some good work be done for these holidays and that anyone who does not have the conditions for adoption takes old blankets to the nearest shelter. Help can also be given by patronage, donating and looking for a home for a particular animal. One can also contribute to the spaying/neutering of street cats, where we are offering a spaying/neutering program at cheaper prices or even free of charge.

News Flash

  • We presented our work to students at the Student Center in Zagreb. All those who donated for our work were rewarded with vegan pastries.
  • Watch the video of the first Croatian vigil in Sisak in front of a slaughterhouse.
  • In order to thank our supporters and members in person, we invited everyone to join us on December 21st in our office. After gathering in the office, talking about future projects, premiering a short video by Dragan Surlan about animals from Koki shelter, and sharing information on how you can help us further, we continued to hang out at The Beertija bar.

  • With the ratification of the new Animal Protection Act, there is plenty of persistent work on its implementation ahead of us. You can help by donating and paying the annual membership. More information about the ways in which you can contribute is available here.

    We wish you all the best for a happy, compassionate and cruelty-free 2018!

    Animal Friends Croatia

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