AnimaList No. 113

“If you love animals, don’t eat them.” – Bryan Adams

The Life of Every Child is Important!

On the occasion of International Workers’ Day we posted billboards with a photo of a lamb heading for slaughter with the message: “The Life of Every Child is Important!” The goal of this message is to point out the fact that many animal children are killed in order to satisfy the human habit of eating meat and to call for compassion and respect for the life of every child or grown-up individual.

The Animal Welfare Pledge

We invited all candidates for European Parliament elections which took place last weekend to sign the Animal Welfare Pledge and thus state that animal protection is present in their agenda. You can see Croatian candidates who signed the Pledge here.

Floods in Croatia

Together with the Association Victories and many other animal protection associations, individuals and volunteers, we mobilized all our forces in saving animals from flooded areas. Rescue actions were slow and hard to conduct because of the lack of professional rescuers, so this is why we even more need to thank all the volunteers, the police, the military, the divers, and the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service for their sacrifice, courage and good will to bring so many animals to safety. As volunteers in Posavina are at the brink of their strength, and no one takes responsibility for the rescued animals, we sent out a joint public appeal with Association Vitcories to the government and public institutions to take responsibility for the rescued animals. Photos of rescued animals can be seen on our Facebook photo galleries and the video on YouTube.

News Flash

– The Zagreb City Office for Health supported our Green Monday campaign, stating how much it appreciates our work and activities directed to the promotion of healthy lifestyle and habits. Green Monday also received support from Nutristo.

– During Kindergaten Days on Bundek in Zagreb we organized a gathering of vegetarians and vegans children and parents. The photos can be seen on the Croatian section of our website.

– From our web’s news section:
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– Soon we expect additional articles in our web catalog so we invite you to visit it regularly!

– We were on Vegafest in Slovenian Mostec, while in Zagreb, as part of the campaign “Use your power, make a decision!” organized by Open Media Group, we participated in the youth environmental protection program.

The ZeGeVege Festival is approaching fast so please keep in mind to visit us in September. Thank you!

We thank you for your kind support and donations. Special thanks go to all of you who helped us and the animals in the flooded area during the last few days. Your help is priceless and you should be proud for saving so many lives by actively participating in rescue missions!