AnimaList No. 142

World Animal Day

The City of Zagreb celebrated World Animal Day in Bundek Park. The event was attended by various animal protection organizations and co-organized by our association, which threw a veggie picnic. Visitors enjoyed cruelty-free snacks while learning about how to help animals. World Animal Day is a reminder that animals need our help throughout the year, so read the message of the ambassador for Croatia.


International Companion Animal Welfare Conference

We participated in the International Companion Animal Welfare Conference in Dubrovnik. The conference was organized by Dogs Trust from the UK. The Animal Protection Network helped organize the delegations of Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro

Models, mannequins, and simulators instead of animals in education!

Nick Jukes, Coordinator of InterNICHE, an international organization which advocates alternative methods to animal testing in education, held a workshop at the Ministry of Agriculture and gave a lecture in our office. The lecture included demonstrations and highlighted the pedagogical, ethical, and economic advantages of non-animal testing methods. Find out why Croatia needs to ban animal testing for education purposes here.

World Vegan Day

To celebrate World Vegan Day, we give out delicious muffins made only with plant-based ingredients and appropriately arranged to spell the word “vegan” on Zagreb’s Cvjetni Trg. We also showed the premiere of IFEEL’s “My Vegan Life” music video. We invite everyone who couldn’t make it to our stall to join us in the celebration of this important day—read about veganism, watch an animal rights video with your friends, recommend them to join the Veggie Challenge, or treat them to a vegan meal.

World Food Day

On World Food Day (October 16) and International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (October 17) we warned about the link between the unnecessary meat, milk, and egg production and poverty and world hunger. Every year more than 60 billion farm animals are brutally slaughtered. Animal farming wastes an enormous amount of natural resources, pollutes the environment, and is the greatest contributor to global warming.The fact that people can live without meat is being kept a secret, as well as that a plant-based diet is proven to make us livelier, healthier, and long-lived.

Helping animals through dog tax

We responded to the proposal to introduce the so-called dog tax with our condition that the tax amount be symbolic, a lower tax rate for adopted and spayed/neutered dogs, and that the collected money be used to help animals. Our aim is a better implementation of the Animal Protection Act and mandatory microchipping and putting a stop to the killing of abandoned dogs.

Share the World

 We visited Šćitarjevo Elementary School in Velika Gorica to give a lecture on animal protection to third graders and show them the Croatian dub of the “Share the World” video. The video was designed to grab the attention of kids in kindergarten and early grades of elementary school and can be ordered for free. Animal Friends members will gladly come to your kindergarten or school to show the video and talk to the children.

Animal Protection Network meeting

 The Animal Protection Network held its 12th meeting, attended by individuals and associations from cities and municipalities all over Croatia. Some of the topics on the agenda were the mandatory microchipping of dogs, presented by Siniša Mandek from the Ministry of Agriculture, the terms of introduction of dog tax, and building a cat shelter in Zagreb. The Network’s objectives and further steps in the associations’ mutual cooperation were also discussed.

News Flash Summary

  • We had a meeting with the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County Mayor regarding the construction of a shelter and the implementation of the Animal Protection Act.
  • Four of our members have successfully participated in the Nonviolent Communication Training held in Krakow as part of the Erasmus+ Program.
  • We held meetings on the formation of animal police in Zagreb and supported the praiseworthy initiative to establish this necessary institution in Zagreb and Croatia.
  • We sent inquests about whether the implementation of mandatory microchipping of dogs is being monitored to all counties, municipalities, and cities and posted a clarification regarding the monitoring.
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Thank you all for your kind support, membership, regular interest and involvement in our activities, and every other means of support for animal rights and sustainable living.

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