AnimaList No. 141

“For a better Act” Forum

We organized a forum entitled “For a better Animal Protection Act” to inform and encourage the public to submit their comments before the end of the public hearing on the new Act. Some of the discussion topics were the ban on fur farming, ban on killing animals in shelters, and horse logging. The Ministry of Agriculture has endorsed the existing ban on fur farming, but suggested that the phase-out period be extended for an additional year. Read all Animal Protection Act amendment proposals here.

Public hearing on the Animal Protection Act ends

The public hearing on the Animal Protection Act has ended with more than 1,200 comments. We thank everyone who participated and have faith that the Ministry of Agriculture will consider all improvement suggestions and include additional provisions to protect animals from suffering and murder into the Animal Protection Act.

ZeGeVege Festival—Veganmania in all its glory

More than 100 local and foreign exhibitors of health food, organic products, and cruelty-free cosmetics showcased at this year’s ZeGeVege Festival on September 2 and 3. Both days saw a rich program of cooking workshops, lectures on various areas of veganism and sustainable living, and numerous musicians and dance groups alternating on stage and in the entire Main Square, which was the venue of this well-attended event. Get a glimpse of the great atmosphere at and the Festival Facebook page.

“Adopting is Cool” action

We asked citizens to provide responsible care to animals at the “Adopting is Cool” action held by the City of Zagreb and Zagreb City Shelter in Dumovec, whose theme was the ban on chaining dogs. In 2015, Zagreb City banned tethering dogs with chains, and these amendments to the Animal Protection Act will make the ban on keeping dogs constantly chained valid in all of Croatia. We encouraged everyone to chose adopting instead of buying dogs.

Children—the victims of the dairy industry marketing

The dairy industry representatives marked School Milk Day on Lake Bundek. Their target group were elementary schoolers, who were being encouraged to never skip a dairy meal. Animal milk is neither necessary, natural, nor healthy for human children, and is also ecologically destructive and unethical. To get the cogs turning, we responded with a letter, which we would be glad if you read.

Celebrating World Vegetarian Day

World Vegetarian Day has been celebrated on October 1 from 1977, with the aim to encourage people to think about the ethical, environmental, and health benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle. Our activist symbolically turned her body into a piece of barbecue meat. The performance was conceptualized as a reminder that no one’s body should be barbecued, since instead of arms, hips, and legs, we could be eating delicious plant foods that are friendlier to our health and environment.

World Farm Animals Day

Organized by the American FARM organization, October 2 is celebrated as World Farm Animals Day, with many organizations around the globe calling attention to the suffering of the billions of cows, pigs, chickens, and others who are killed on farms and in slaughterhouses everywhere. We want to put a spotlight on the suffering and oppression of animals that are the most frequent victims of institutionalized abuse and murder. Watch the movie 60 Billion and ask your friends to join the Veggie Challenge alongside more than one thousand people who have joined this year.

News Flash Summary

  • We held meetings with the mayors of Rijeka, Sveti Ivan Zelina, Zaprešić, Jastrebarsko, and Karlovac about implementing the obligations of local communities under the Animal Protection Act.
  • World Animal Day Ambassador for Croatia, Anita Euschen, participated in the international ambassador conference in Rome and invited everyone to join in the celebration by making a resolution to do a good deed for animals.
  • The International Companion Animal Welfare Conference 2016 will take place from October 11 to 13 in Dubrovnik. The conference is organized by Dogs Trust and will be attended by animal welfare organizations from Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro.
  • On October 24, Nick Jukes from the international organization InterNICHE will hold a workshop on the alternatives to animal testing in education and training for the representatives of the Croatian scientific community at the Ministry of Agriculture. On October 26, Nick will give the same lecture to the public in the Animal Friends Association’s office.
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