AnimaList No. 112

If an egg shell is broken from the inside – life begins. If an egg shell is broken from the outside – life ends. – Vedran Romac, animal rights advocate

Plant Based Vitamin Line

On the occasion of World Health Day we promoted our new nutrition brochure Plant Based Nutrition by dr. Stephen Walsh and sent it to many Croatian nutritionists and doctors, associations and institutions. At the action in Zagreb we also presented a six meters long Vitamin line with ingredients of plant-based origin, and Dr Martina Miklic Bublic gave advice to citizens on the health aspect of a plant based diet. We also published the video with dr. Elsworth Wareham and posted the submission form for questions about the vegan diet and health. Doctors and nutricionists Martina Miklic Bubic, Dubravka Novotni and Ivana Simic will help us in replying to submitted questions.

270 km for Animals

Animal rights advocate Vedran Romac started his walk from Osijek to Zagreb on April 14. On his 270 km long journey he was whipped by wind, rain, hail and other severe weather conditions, in order to arrive in Zagreb on Easter and convey his message of compassion to the public and call for veganism. Completely exhausted and with wounds on his feet, on Eastern Monday he nevertheless had the strength to share with everybody interested his memorable experience in the Esplanade Hotel Zagreb. Vedran’s photo journal can be viewed on our web site and on Facebook. Thank you, Vedran!

The Invisible Dogs

The first of the “Adopting is Cool” actions this year took place on April 26 with the topic “The Invisible Dogs.” We gladly responded to the invitation of the Zagreb City Shelter for Abandoned Animals and City Office for Agriculture and Forestry in order to bring attention together on the “crossbreed” dogs, i.e. “the invisible dogs”, who mostly due to their color, just like cats, are more difficult to be homed, and invited everyone to adopt instead of buying animals.

News Flash

– We sent a letter to the mayor of Zagreb, Milan Bandic, asking him not to introduce carriage horses as a tourist attraction in Zagreb, i.e. to prevent horses ending up on the Zagreb sidewalk.

– We sent a reaction to the mayor of Velika Gorica, Drazen Barisic, regarding the article which justifies the killing of dogs.

– Beside these reactions, we sent a letter to the City of Krk with the invitation to meeting regading the correct and legal care for abandoned animals and a letter to the Ministry of Agriculture about encouraging and development of non-animal methods.

– On our info stall on Earth Day we showed projections of eco films, while on our YouTube channel we posted the touching film “Planet Earth is You” by Carlos Chavira.

– We held our second cooking workshop for eight Kralj Tomislav elementary school children who were delighted by the vegan dishes they cooked under the supervision of our chefs. The first cooking workshop for adults was also held this year, and further workshops for children and adult will be offered during the year.

– We participated on the Prevention Day on Ribnjak in Zagreb, and on the fashion show Cro A Porter our members handed out visuals as postcards of the campaign “Fashion Can Live without Fur, Animals Can’t” with the Croatian fashion designer Hippy Garden. We thank Viktor Drago for helping us spread this message of compassion.

– From our web’s news section:
a) Samuel L. Jackson on the list of famous vegans
b) Klub Supersoul and Vege club-restaurant “Chandra” are added to our veggie restaurants
c) a new ad in the gallery of billboards

– In our web catalog we have a new film “Confessions of an Eco-Terrorist,” but you can also check our T-shirts, bags, vegan AMI food for dogs and cats, and other.

– We present you a completely new web site: Green Monday. Check it out, tell us your opinion and send us your recipes with photos if you want us to publish them there!

– Sumbissions for the ZeGeVege Festival are ongoing. Do not miss the opportunity to present yourself as an exhibitor, performer, sponsor or the media sponsor on Sept 5-6 this year on the biggest vegan festival in the region!

– On May 11 we will be with our info stall on the Kindergarten Days on the Zagreb lake Bundek, where we will organize socializing of vegetarian kids.

Thank you all for your kind support and membership. We hope you will continually follow our activities and help us to be successful in advocating animal rights!