AnimaList No 139

Intellectuals and Vets Give Support to Chinchillas

A storm of reactions concerning the announced shameful initiative to relegalize fur farming in Croatia after a ten-year phase-out period isn’t blowing over! The veterinary profession and some prominent Croatian intellectuals expressed their support for a total ban. Croatian vets are united in their opinion that chinchilla fur farming isn’t acceptable from the animal welfare viewpoint. Intellectuals such as the international opera diva Dunja Vejzovic, poet and musician Darko Rundek, and writer Slobodan Snajder joined them by stating that buying and manufacturing fur is unethical. Even the Dutch Ministry of Economy wrote to the Croatian Government expressing their support for the ban on fur farming.

Camels in a Circus in Cakovec

We sent our reports to authorities concerning the arrival of the Berlin Circus with wild animals such as camels to Cakovec, Varazdin, and Jastrebarsko. The Animal Protection Act clearly states that in Croatia, circuses are forbidden to keep wild animals, regardless of whether they are actually used in the circus program. Because of this, and the fact that domestic animals also suffer in circuses, the logical next step is to ban keeping both wild and domestic animals in circuses. Such regulation has already been adopted in 30 Croatian cities.


Spaying/Neutering is Necessary to Help Cats

In collaboration with the US organization Alley Cat Rescue Inc., we marked World Spay Day by organizing free spaying/neutering of street cats with veterinarians’ help. Please consider applying online to spay/neuter animals who need help for half the usual price.



Animal Abuse Should Remain Punishable!

After sending our remarks on the new Offenses Against Public Order and Peace Act, which is in danger of losing the regulation which sanctions animal abuse in a public place, we had encouraged citizens to get involved in the consultations with the interested public by sending their remarks. After the consultations ended, we sent our additional remarks and arguments  to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, seeing as animal abuse in a public place is a direct violation of public order and peace, and it is therefore important to keep that regulation in the Act.

Veganism and Animal Rights in the Curriculum

We participated in the consultations with the interested public on the subject of the Draft Proposal of the National Curriculum Framework and wrote to the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports on that matter. We presented our proposals for including subjects such as animal protection and the vegan diet into the educational program.



For Chinchillas, Dogs, and Other Animals

The Croatian actor with a successful career in the US, Goran Visnjic, visited our association in order to once again express his support for the ban on fur farming and stand up for improving the legal protection of animals in general. While enjoying a vegan luncheon in a friendly atmosphere, he discussed the topic of animal protection with media representatives. He was joined by two more ambassadors of the “Chinchillas Rule” campaign—Iva Sulentic (TV hostess and actress) and Luka Nizetic (singer). Visnjic used the opportunity to bring his letter to the Minister of Agriculture Davor Romic, in which he stood up for preserving the existing ban, not extending the stipulated phase-out period, and better legal protection for dogs and other animals

Veganmania in Vienna and Zagreb

We were at the Viennese Veganmania with our stall to announce the Croatian Veganmania—our ZeGeVege Festival, which will be held on September 2nd and 3rd in Zagreb’s main square. Preparations for the ZeGeVege are already in full swing. We’ve received great support from various sources, such as the sponsorship of the City of Zagreb, Environment and Nature Conservation Committee of the Croatian Parliament, Ministry of Agriculture, and Ministry of Tourism.


News Flash

  • We have a new online petition to encourage people to support the ban on fur farming in Flanders, which would ensure a countrywide legal ban in Belgium.
  • As a part of the Erasmus+ program, we participated in the committee organization training course in The Hague. We will implement the acquired knowledge in our future work.
  • We wrote to the mayors of Pozega and Slavonski Brod concerning the visit of a circus with animals to those cities. Circuses with wild animals are illegal in Croatia and no city should allow torturing animals for entertainment.
  • We sent a request to the Hvar, Pazin, and Rab City Authorities asking them to respect their legal obligations and solve the problem of homeless animals by building shelters, educating citizens, advertising and adoption programs, and other legal obligations.
  • Throughout June, we informed citizens about animal rights and collected signatures for our current petition at a stall on Varsavska Street in Zagreb. Citizen turnout was great, and we wish to thank all our hardworking volunteers for the help!
  • We participated in the excellent Vegefest in Varazdin with the singer Bojan Jambrosic. He and our mascot Chinchi asked citizens to support the campaign to save chinchillas.
  • We condemned the cruel horse log pull competition that was held in Ogulin. The media recorded and broadcast dreadful footage that has shocked the public.
  • From our web’s news section:
    a) A new blog at
    b) New recipes at the Green Monday website.
    c) The list of restaurants has been updated.
    d) Encian and JĀSÖN Natural Cosmetics added to the White list of companies that do not test their products on animals.
    e) David Haye on the list of famous vegetarians and vegans.

The manufacturer of raw vegan cakes Sirova Hrana joined the ever-growing list of companies that use the international V-label and thus made its plant-based products even more appealing to all consumers.

The OPG Marija Pesa family farm joined the list of our legal members. You too can join us! Be a part of the change!

Once more, we give our special thanks to all of you who enable our future work by paying your membership fees, donating, or through other means.

Until our next collective victory,

Your Animal Friends