AnimaList No 138

Chinchillas Rule!

The goals of the Chinchillas Rule! campaign are preserving the ban on fur farming and improving the Animal Protection Act. The legal regulation which protects chinchillas had the support of over 73% of Croatian citizens 10 years ago and has this year been advocated by the campaign ambassadors—Croatian celebrities Goran Višnjić (actor), Ivica Kostelić (skiing champion), Vanna (singer), Luka Nižetić (singer), and Iva Šulentić (actor and TV host). They eagerly stood up in defense of chinchillas and other animals by posing for our billboard posters and clearly stated their attitude about the unacceptability of killing animals for fur and necessity of upgrading the Animal Protection Act in a campaign video. But we also need your support! Please sign our petition and put the campaign’s logo on your Facebook avatar.

Adopt this Spring

The Dumovec Animal Shelter and City Office for Agriculture and Forestry, in cooperation with our organization, organized this year’s first “Adoption Is Cool” public action. We took the opportunity to invite citizens to adopt an animal this spring and be responsible caregivers. As a part of this public action, we had info stalls at Zagreb’s main square to inform citizens about the problem of abandoning animals and appealed to them not to buy animals.

Strike a Pose for Chinchillas

Continuing the campaign to preserve the existing legal regulation banning the breeding of animals for fur, we organized a public photo session for the citizens ready to raise their voice against the killing of chinchillas. As expected, citizens showed up in large numbers and posed with signs and banners together with Croatian celebrities like Bojan Jambrošić (singer), Dalibor Petko (TV host), Dino Jelušić (singer), Drago Plečko (author and doctor of alternative medicine), Đurđica Vorkapić (fashion designer), Ibrica Jusić (musician), Lea Dekleva (singer), Nenad Borgudan (from the band Detour), and Robert Bošković (actor and movie director). We also got special support from the mayor of Zagreb, Milan Bandić! You can view photos from the action in galleries on our website and Facebook.

“Food and Ecology” Brochure

To celebrate Earth Day, we published an eco-brochure titled “Food and Ecology” and held a launch. Professor Mirela Holy, Jadranka Boban Pejić and Zlatko Pejić from Makronova, and Bernard Ivčić from the environmental protection organization Green Action spoke before a full presentation hall. The brochure is professionally written and intended for all who have the opportunity to spread the alarming information which it contains. It is also available in the form of a PDF document.

Sharon Osbourne Writes to Minister Romic

Besides many Croatian celebrities who gave their support to the campaign for keeping the ban on fur farming in Croatia, we also received support from the globally famous Sharon Osbourne! Sharon personally wrote to Croatian Minister Romic on the subject, asking him not to allow extreme cruelty towards animals, especially when there are so many valid arguments supporting the complete ban. Watch Sharon’s video abut chinchillas, which she made for PETA.

News Flash

  • At Zagreb’s main square we organized a free sample tasting of new vegan V-label
    from Gavita. Animal Friends is the Croatian representative for this attractive European label.
  • We sent letters to the addresses of all Croatian counties to remind of the local communities’ legal obligations concerning the Animal Protection Act. Our appeal was published on the website of the Association of Cities (Udruga gradova).
  • Again we reminded local Croatian communities of their legal obligation to systematically take care of the problem of abandoned animals by building and funding shelters, informing citizens, and implementing prevention programs.
  • As part of the ongoing campaign for keeping the ban on fur farming in Croatia, we composed a list of 30 arguments. Besides that, check out our new post, Breeding Animals For Fur—The Case Of the Netherlands.
  • We reacted by writing to the Ministry of Agriculture concerning a case in the village Mala Erpenja. Dozens of dogs are being kept for breeding in a private house, in a condition of extreme neglect.
  • In collaboration with the Emb
    assy of the United States, we organized a lecture for children titled “JazzEarth”. We also held another cooking workshop for elementary school kids.
  • After participating in the work of the Commission for changing the Animal Protection Act, we posted all our proposals online. We especially want to highlight the proposal to ban the killing of animals in shelters after the expiry of the legal period of 60 days.
  • From our web’s news section:
    a) A new book of the month – “Fighting For Animals” by Vernon Coleman
    b) A new blog at
    c) John Joseph, Ben Gordon, Frank Medrano, Novak Đoković, Yolandi Visser, Kangana Ranaut, and Peter Egan added to The List of Famous Vegans and Vegetarians
    d) New recipes at the Green Monday website
    e) New entries on the list of restaurants at
  • The Adhara Center joined the list of our proud legal members. We are very thankful to each and every one of our legal members for supporting our work. Feel free to join us, too!
  • EXIT Theater and Avesu joined the list of companies which provide discounts to our members. View the complete list of discounts that you can obtain by paying our membership fee.
  • The first performers have been confirmed for this year’s ZeGeVege Festival, which will be held on September 2 and 3 in Zagreb. They are: Zumba Fitness by Jelena Diklić, Kim Verson, children’s choir Kikići, Teen Group Genijalci, Back to Swing, School of Street Styles, Juraj Jurlina Acoustic, and Antonio Bajić.
  • As always, we want to give special thanks to all of you who enable our further work by paying your membership fees, donations, or via other means. You are the best, thank you in the name of all animals 🙂

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