AnimaList No 137

“Pigs down on the kill floor have come up and nuzzled me like a puppy. Two minutes later, I had to kill them – beat them to death with a pipe. I can’t care.” – from an interview clip with a slaughterhouse worker published in Melanie Joy’s book Carnism

Veggie Salute to Spring

On international Meatout day, we invited our citizens to make a positive change concerning their food habits from our info stall at Zagreb’s Main Square. As encouragement, we gave out veggie starter packs containing our educational materials and a delicious vegan product. Please share and recommend our Veggie Challenge.


Friends Through Centuries

Prijatelji kroz stoljeca
The Dumovec Animal Shelter, in collaboration with us, started a campaign called “Friends Through Centuries”. From the campaign’s billboards, members of the Order of Guardians of the City of Zagreb call for helping animals, just like real knights, whose primary goal was to protect the weak and innocent. The Guardians of the City of Zagreb even organized a march through the city center for the occasion and read their proclamation about the necessity of helping animals. You can view photos from the event as well as the billboard gallery.

Gathering for Chinchillas and Other Animals

Za bolji zakon
Under the motto “A Step Forward, Not Ten Steps Back”, we organized a public gathering to officially file an appeal concerning the Animal Protection Act to Prime Minister Orešković, addressing our plea to stop the violation of the Animal Protection Act and chinchillas. We also used the gathering and the letter to the Prime Minister to warn of other inadequate legislations for animal welfare in Croatia, such as the legally permitted killing of abandoned animals in shelters. You can view photos from the excellently attended gathering, spread the petition for a better Animal Protection Act in Croatia, and check out the list of over a hundred associations that expressed their support for our struggle against fur farming.

Armani Stops Using Fur!

Armani prestaje koristiti krzno
In a public letter we announced the greatly important news from the fashion industry. World-famous fashion brand Armani announced that they would stop using fur in all of their fashion collections! Will Croatia follow the positive world trends?


News Flash

  • We were happy to announce that Belgium was ready to ban fur farming. We also informed the public about the results of a study which discovered up to eight times greater amount of toxic chemicals than permitted on clothing made from fur.
  • We participated in a workshop about information and communication technologies held in Gent, Belgium as part of the Erasmus+ program.
  • We reacted in the media concerning live rabbits in the store window at Furnir. After reactions from the media, the rabbits were removed from the inappropriate conditions.
  • At our evening stall in King Tomislav Square, we showed educational films about animal rights and veganism and discussed those topics with interested citizens.
  • Once more we stood up for horses who are being used for the extraction of logs and we also mentioned the sad fact that horse branding is still permitted by law.
  • We reacted concerning the problem of keeping wild and  exotic animals, accentuating that Croatia needs a regulation like the so-called Positive List and that animals should not be treated like commercial objects. Instead of buying, we should adopt abandoned animals.
  • From our web’s news section:
    a) New recipes added to the Green Monday web page
    b) New restaurants added to the list of restaurants
    c) New photo of the month
    d) Testicular cancer and dairy products
    e) Gallery: Meatout at the Victories Animal Shelter
  • Avesu, a company manufacturing vegan footwear and Sirova Hrana joined the list of our legal members. You can support us, too! It would be greatly appreciated.

We proudly announce that we have already started preparing for the 9th annual ZeGeVege Festival, which is, as part of the European Veganmania, one of the three largest vegan festivals in Europe. This year the Festival will be held on September 2 & 3 at the usual place—Zagreb’s Main Square. Once again we expect over 40.000 visitors. Don’t risk missing your stall—apply early. The interest is huge!

Many important battles for animal rights still await us. Please actively support our work and help animals with your memberships, donations, and by volunteering. Be a part of the change. Thank you!

Your Animal Friends