AnimaList No 135

“I like animals, all animals. I wouldn’t hurt a cat or a dog or a chicken or a cow. And I wouldn’t ask someone else to hurt them for me. That’s why I’m a vegan.” – Peter Dinklage, star of the hit series Game of Thrones

Workshop About the Diet for Mothers-to-be

We had invited everyone to a workshop about the plant-based diet during pregnancy. The workshop was held by nutritionist Ivana Šimić, MSc. She answered some of the most common questions about vegan pregnancy and veganism in general for the visitors, arousing great interest.



Super Ljilja and the Veggie Challenge

The cutest advocate of animal rights, piglet Super Ljilja, who was saved by the association Pobjede, set aflame the interest and hearts of the Croatian public. Her Facebook page already has more than 5500 likes, and Ljilja invited everyone to join our Veggie Challenge. Thanks to Super Ljilja, we have already received a few hundred new applications. The luckiest applicant will win individual training and a lunch with fitness instructor Dragan Šurlan.


Fur Is Dangerous for the People, Too!

We warned the public about the deleterious effects of fur on our environment, the people working in the fur industry, and even those wearing it. We explained how toxic waste from the fur industry gets into the human body and pointed out once more the great importance of having a legal regulation which prohibits the breeding of animals for fur.


News Flash

OPG Veselic joined the list of companies using the V-Label. As a reminder, our association is a representative of this unique and attractive European label.

We are presently in need of volunteers for proofreading translations for the English version of our website. The only condition is an excellent command of the English language. So feel free to contact us via our e-mail and let’s do something together for animals. Thank you!

In the special issue of the  AnimaList newsletter for 2015 you can read about and be proud of the achievements we made possible together.

Help us and get involved by paying the membership fee, donating, volunteering or through other means, because it is the only way for us to achieve accomplishments for the animals in this year also.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Your Animal Friends