AnimaList No 133

“When we kill animals to eat them, they end up killing us because their flesh, which contains cholesterol and saturated fat, was never intended for human beings.” – M.D. William C. Roberts, editor of The American Journal of Cardiology magazine

Listen To Your Heart, Not Your Habits!

On our billboards, we have invited citizens to abandon backward custom of home pig slaughtering. Brutal killing of sensitive beings with no reason whatsoever is not an opportunity for celebration, but a barbaric custom which should be abandoned. We published a short video about comparisons between dogs and pigs as a part of the campaign.


This is pig slaughter!

We publicly reacted to the published photos of home slaughters on which violations of laws and molestation of frightened animal is evident. We pressed criminal charges against the responsible individuals and invited all to choose the compassionate diet and visit Veggie Challenge.


Razor-Wire on the Animal Rights Day

We marked the International Animal Rights Day with a performance on the main square in Zagreb. Chained activists exhibited a roll of razor-wire, accentuating the hurting and killing of animals. Except on the border, animals suffer inside many walls, fences and cages, too. The call against the razor-fence is at the same time call against any kind of cruelty towards living beings.


Meat the Truth in Samobor

Over a hundred Samobor’s midschoolers participated in a free screening of the movie Meat the Truth as a part of the Green Monday campaign. This movie speaks about the dangerous effects of the livestock industry on the global environment. If you still haven’t watch the movie Meat the Truth.


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Together for all animals,

Your Animal Friends