AnimaList No 132

“Being vegetarian here also means that we do not consume dairy and egg products, because they are products of the meat industry. If we stop consuming, they will stop producing.” – Thich Nhat Hanh, spiritual teacher and activist

Injured Animals Need Our Help!

We joined with the city shelter of Zagreb Dumovec and Noina arka, in support of the City of Zagreb, in this year’s last public action “Homing is cool”. The message of the action was that injured animals deserve a new home and love, too, along with the necessity of responsible animal care and of the importance of homing instead of buying animals.

The End of Breeding For Fur in Netherland!

Concerning the shameful initiative to degrade the law and to once more legalize breeding of chinchillas in Croatia, we sent a public note about the sensational victory of reason and compassion in the Netherland which has entirely banned the breeding of animals for fur. The ban was suported by ministries and the state government. A ban on breeding foxes and chinchillas for fur has been in force in the Netherlands since 2008.

Voting for Activist Billboards

We applied our ideas to a nationwide Croatian blillboard slogan contest, and asked our supporters to vote for our propisitions. Seventy five billboard slogans with most votes will be distributed across the country. Our slogans are dealing with veganism and necessity to stop supporting the fur industry, and some of them are: “I’m not a dog to drink dog milk! Am I a calf?”, “If you think fur is cool, why don’t you grow your own hairs?”, and “The Stone Age is over! #StopKillingChinchillas #4CroatiaWithoutFur”.

News Flash

  • We published an informative interview about factory farming and activism for animal rights which we gave during our recent visit to the Koki animal shelter in Slovenia. The whole interview can be viewed at our web page.
  • We held a lecture in the Elementary School Nikola Tesla in Zagreb, where we spoke to interested students gradea 5 to 8 about animals not being objects but living beings.
  • We also felt obliged to react concerning the newly set up barbed wire on the border with Slovenia, which endangers the life and free migration of animals.
  • We would like to express our condolence to the families and friends of all who died in the terrorist attacks, and condemn violence of any kind, and we would also like to express our support to the March of Solidarity for the refugees which was held in Zagreb.
  • Our representative has participated in the bi-annual meeting of the Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE) in The Hague, Netherlands. Topics like Air France being the last airline transporting animals to animal testing laboratories and the petition for an EU-wide ban for testing on household cleaning products were some of the topics there.
  • From our web’s news section:
    a) Fast food Vege fino and bar Leggiero added to the list of restaurants at
    b) New recipes on the Green Monday web page
    c) Public letter: The Bear Didn’t “Have To Be” Shot!
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This world can be a better place for everyone. Let’s all participate in the change together.

Your Animal Friends