AnimaList No 131

Chinchi – Candidate for the Croatian Parliament

Unsatisfied with the neglect of animal rights in Croatia and shocked by the initiative of Minister Jakovina to lift the ban on fur farmin in Croatia, Chinchi the chinchilla decided to run for a seat in the Parliament, in order to stand up for animals. Being a modern politician, Chinchi started a Facebook page called  Viva La Chinchilla and Viva La Chinchi on Twitter. Besides numerous citizens, she received support from Croatian celebrities such as Sanja Dolezal, Nika Fleiss, Dubravko Simenc, and others.

Let’s Put a Warning On Meat Products!

We publicly reacted concerning the long-overdue announcement of the World Health Organization that red meat and processed meat products cause cancer. We warned about the alarming and unprofessional attitude of Croatian experts who responded by relativzsing and diminishing the importance of the WHO’s recommendations. We recommend labeling meat products as cancerous, in the same fashion as tobacco products.

Promotion of the book Mom, Dad, I’m a Vegan

On World Vegan Day, we organized a promotion of the book Mom, Dad, I’m a Vegan by the psychologist Casey Taft. The book is designed as an educational guide for those who would like to better understand their vegan family member, or other vegetarians and vegans they know. Vegan teens, social worker Vedran Romac, and psychologist Dragan Surlan spoke about the book on the main square. You can view the photo gallery from the promotion.

Which Political Parties Care For Animals?

Briga za zivotinje
In preparation for the upcoming parliamentary elections, we asked Croatian political parties about  their programmatic attitudes on animal protection and sustainable living, because every serious political party should unequivocally advocate improving animal welfare and raising awareness about ecological matters. Many positive replies from political parties have already arrived, and they keep on coming.

Chinchi’s Campaign Rally

As a part of her popular political campaign, Chinchi the chinchilla held a campaign rally, previously announced by Croatian celebrities such as Bojan Jambrosic, Kresimir Dolencic, Robert Boskovic and Ivan Decak. Besides gathered supporters, she was also endorsed by Fani Stipkovic, famous Croatian model and journalist. The main square was full of Chinchi’s banners and balloons, and a large number of citizens wanted to take a picture with Chinchi and give her their support. The campaign rally was announced with a promotional video in which Chinchi herself spoke to the Croatian public for the very first time

News Flash

  • Since the situation on the Croatian borders again began to deteriorate, we are still collecting donations in the form of basic living supplies for war refugees from Syria. Thanks everyone who helped so far!
  • The zoo prison on Marjan in Split is finally closing its doors after the years-long struggle of animal rights associations. We emphasize the importance of accommodating all animals in shelters instead of new prisons, and are decidedly against planning new zoo prisons for wild or domestic animals.
  • We warned about animals dying entangled in the barbed wire across the Hungarian border with Croatia, and pointed out that the Croatian authorities should promptly respond to the Hungarian government’s causing pain and endangering existence of animals.
  • We responded to the numerous complaints of citizens regarding the work of some animal shelters that kill animals. Shelters do not have the right to demand specific requirements for adopting animals if they plan to eliminate them instead. Those types of facilities shouldn’t be allowed to call themselves shelters at all.
  • We also stressed the necessity of a ban on horse logging and condemned the exploitation of horses in log pulling, which unfortunately seem to be amusing to some people in Croatia.
  • We held a lecture on the subject of the healthy diet, care and compassion for animals in Kralj Tomislav Primary School. The kids were thrilled by the visit of our  famous mascot Chinchi.
  • We condemned the killing of a bear on the Rijeka–Zagreb highway because there was absolutely no need for it. The confession in the media that there was no intention of using a tranquilizer gun clearly shows the carelessness and insensitivity of the involved, which prompted us to demand an investigation to establish responsibility.
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  • We would like to give special thanks to everyone who supported the running of our mascot, Chinchi the chinchilla, for the Croatian Parliament by sending us encouraging e-mails and hashtagging pictures. Check out the latest photo gallery to see political parties expressing support to Chinchi during her walks through the city.

Viva la Chinchilla!

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