AnimaList No 130

“It is illogical to think that since we can’t spend all our time helping other people, we should continue to abuse and slaughter animals. There is absolutely no correlation between the two issues.” – Joanne Stepaniak (“Being Vegan”)

Cooking Workshop in Samobor

We celebrated this year’s World Vegetarian Day on October 1 by organizing an outdoor vegan cooking workshop as a part of our Green Monday campaign whose goal it is to promote a plant-based diet. Interested passers-by were able to taste and learn how to make vegan skewers, risotto, pancakes, and chocolate halava.


In Memory of Archie the Pig

We dedicated this year’s World Vegetarian Day to the memory of Archie the Pig, the trademark and a favourite inhabitant of the shelter for abandoned animals run by the Association Pobjede. Archi had only for two years lived a free life, but he became a symbol of all used and abused animals and an inspiration for many to change their diet and become activists. In his honour we invite everybody to join the Veggie Challenge.

Vegan Picnic

We marked the World Animal Day by organising a vegan picnic at Zagreb’s lake Bundek in collaboration with the City of Zagreb, and support of our hard-working volunteers. We presented a broad variety of vegan delicatessens and treats to thrilled visitors. Even our mascot Chinchi the Chinchilla appeared at Bundek lake and people showed their adoration and support. You can check out our photo gallery here.


Bones Grow Better Without Milk

We’ve set up billboards with which we want to inform about the damaging effects of dairy products on the human health, and how their consumption is unnatural. Human is the only species who drinks milk of another species, and even continues doing so in its grown age. Our message is that children can obtain calcium from healthy plant-based sources without the accompanying health and environmental hazards and cruelty towards animals.

1st BeGeVege Festival!

We are extremely glad to tell you that even our neighbouring countries, encouraged by the success and influence of the ZeGeVege Festival, are starting their own festivals for promoting veganism and sustainable living. Thus the 1st BeGeVege Festival was held in the City of Belgrad on October 4, organised by the association Sloboda za Zivotinje. They gathered around 60 exhibitors, us included.


For Furless Europe!

Our Animal Friends representative on October 15 participated at the presentation of the large report concerning the European trade of animal fur in the European Parliament in Bruxelles. Eurogroup for Animals and Fur Free Alliance along with MEP-s pointed to the false claims of the European fur industry in regard to the ethical standards in the EU, which are contrary to the facts at fur farms. Because of that, the only solution is a complete ban of breeding animals for fur.

News Flash

  • We announced the Croatian première of the documentary “Witness”, and hope for a soon-to-be re-run.
  • The Croatian ambassador of the World Animal Day Anita Euschen was in Trieste presenting our activities in Croatia at the event called Trieste Animal Day (October 3-5), accentuating the importance of protection of all animals.
  • The Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection expressed their agreement concerning the highly damaging impacts to human health and our environment, concerning our inquiry about toxic hazards related to fur manufacturing. By that, they gave indirect support to the full ban of breeding animals for fur.
  • On multiple occasions we gave statements in media concerning the necessity of banning zoofilia in Croatia by including the ban of sexual acts concerning animals in the Animal Protection Act.
  • We supported the move of the Etnographic museum in Zagreb which adopted new pet friendly working politics.
  • On October 12 we visited the assiociation Zavod Koki in Bresernica near Maribor (Slovenia) which takes care of “industrial” animals saved from the slaughterhouse, and we got to know animals living there.
  • We also visited Za Naravo Estate at Ponikva near Celje, which is based on principles of the peaceful agronomy, and also tasted their vegan eco-products.
  • From our web’s news section:
    a) New blog: Trading Misery
    b) New blog: An Invitation to the Awakening of Consciousness
    c) New link Free From Harm
  • Hormat-e-Hayat (NGO) organizes on Nov 26, 2015 the 2nd Green Peace Congress in Tehran. This Congress is about non-violence, health, environment, animal rights, sustainable development and veganism. If you want to attend this congress as a speaker, or want to get more information about it, please contact Mr. Moin Ghahremani Nejad at
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  • On this occasion, we would like to specially thank all those who sent a protest e-mail against the announced allowing of breeding chinchillas for fur in Croatia. By acting together we can stop this degradation of law and save many animals.

To our new mutual successes,

your Animals Friends Croatia