AnimaList No. 110

“The world of fashion is a world of creation. Our modern world implies various forms of progress and likes to boast with innovation, but it can hardly be called progressive and even less innovative to use someone’s fur in today’s civilized society in order to produce a design object.” – Durdica Vorkapic, Hippy Garden, Croatian fashion designer

Croatian MEPs Pledge!

Following Sandra Petrovic Jakovina and Tonino Picula, Croatian MEPs Marino Baldini, Nikola Vuljanic and Oleg Valjalo also signed the Animal Welfare Pledge. Our representatives were present during the signing of the Pledge by MEP Valjalo. Other Croatian MEPs are expected to sign the Pledge as well.

Fashion Can Live without Fur, Animals Can’t

Famous Croatian fashion designer Durdica Vorkapic from Hippy Garden is the new face of our “For Croatia without Fur” campaign. Together with rabbits and a chinchilla, some still in the care of animal shelter Mrkvica and waiting to be homed, Vorkapic appears on ads “Fashion Can Live without Fur, Animals Can’t”, inviting everyone to create innovative fashion without animal fur. Please like and share this campaign on Facebook.

News Flash

– We replied to the mayor of Slunj regarding his choice to give up on his decision to limit the number of companion animals in homes, which is unconstitutional and unfair given that the number of animals should be determined by the conditions under which animals are kept.

– We sent a plant based food pyramid to elementary schools in Croatia and many schools liked it. Others are also welcome to contact us for their free copy.

– We participated in the Zagreb fair of healthy vegetarian food and cosmetics “Health Days in the Heart of Vrbani” where we handed out a leaflet about advantages of plant-based diet and collected signatures for our petition for introducing veggie meals into public institutions.

– We were at a meeting with Darinko Dumbovic, the mayor of Petrinja, at which we achieved agreement about building and functioning a no-kill city shelter and educational institution.

– We reacted on Radio Student against the promotion of hunting and fishing as sport and tourism, condemning this killing of animals for entertainment.

– We commented on the case of domestic animal neglect in Krsani near Labin where 300 animal carcases and 200 neglected animals were found, pointing out the necessity of a legal ban on keeping animals for animal abusers.

– From our web’s news section:
a) …nishta and Hrana za moju dusu in our veggie restaurants section
b) Christie Brinkley and Daniella Monet on the list of famous veggies
c) Sumi – The Shark Song and Gulab Damon – Graha zelja in the Video Clips section
d) 5 Modern Diseases on the Rise Because of Factory Farming
e) How Bulls Continue to be Abused in the Name of Tradition

– There is a new short video on our YouTube channelPink and Ricky Gervais against fur and leather. We invite you to subscribe to our YouTube channel as we prepare new interesting video clips.

– If you are interested in participating in a one-on-one fitness program on Skype, Croatian vegan fitness trainer, psychologist and rapper IFEEL will lead you through it. Check it out at

– We invite you to take the Meatout pledge to help us save 8,000 lives on March 20 by eating vegan at least for a day! Invite others to join you!

Thank you all for your kind support and membership with hope that we will keep justifying your trust. We invite you to continually follow our activities.