AnimaList No 129

“If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.” – St. Francis of Assisi

Positive List of Exotic Animals

We submitted a request to the Ministry of Agriculture for them to include a Positive List into our country’s Animal Protection Act. It is a list of exotic animals which are allowed to keep as home animals. Advantages of a Positive List, compared to “negative lists”, are it’s simplicity, clarity, better regulation of the animal trafficking, raised safety for people and environment, and even introducing a tendency towards the abandonment of exploitation animals as human pets. The Positive list has already been implemented in Belgium and the Netherlands, and soon Lithuania, Greece, and Finland will adopt it as well.

The 8th ZeGeVege Festival – Bigger Than Ever

Behind us is yet another ZeGeVege Festival by which we again upstaged ourselves and pushed limits for veganism in Croatia. At this year’s ZeGeVege Festival, which was held as a part of the European Veganmania festivals, participated one hundred exhibitors of healthy vegan food, eco-products and inventions, as well as vegan cosmetics. Further, 20 extremely well visited and interesting public lectures and workshops were organized as well, and as a special guest we brought Patrik Baboumian, a vegan holding the title as “strongest man in Germany”, a world recorder in carrying heavy weights (560 kg!). Along with a rich entertainment program, we also had a tombola with over 40 winners of valuable prizes. In our photo gallery you can check out how much fun we all had, and be sure to visit us again next year when we are again planning an even larger and more spectacular festival!

Chinchi the Mascot Writes to Minister Jakovina

Our mascot Chinchi handed out a protest letter to the Ministry of Agriculture on behalf of all animals endangered by the proposed law, demanding from the Ministry to prevent the brutal slaughter of furry animals for profit. You can see the photos and Chinchi’s protest letter on our webpage. Let’s remind ourselves – after the 8 years of transition period Minister Jakovina announced that it will be once again legal to kill chinchillas for fur in Croatia, even before any discussion of the authorised Commission on that matter. Because of that outrage even Chinchi had to intervene, we call all the citizens to write to our authorities and send a protest note against this type of political backwardness which will take you less than the 30 seconds.

11th gathering of the Network Against Animal Abandoning

At the 11th gathering of the Network, in which representatives of various Croatian associations for animal protection participated, we discussed the killing of animals in shelters and the authority and structure of animal shelters in Croatia, spoke about the problem of breeding and selling animals, using horses for carrying logs, organizing animal fights, as well as about the shameful propositions for allowing bow and arrow hunting and killing of animals for fur in Croatia. We accentuated the necessity of ban for selling alive animals for human consumption on markets, of a better implementation of pro-animal laws, and of insuring better condition for animals in pet shops.

A Dog Friendly Car Showroom

We supported the project of the car manufacturer Opel who opened the 1st dog friendly car showroom in Croatia, because it sent a humane message on the importance of the care for animals. On that opportunity, we accentuated the importance of non-abandoning, homing and proper care for animals. Opel’s initiative was also supported by Ivan Decak, the vocal of the Croatian band Vatra, who also participated in our homing campaign “With You On the Busiest Roads“.


Help for Syrian Refugees

Because of the shortage of basic human necessities among the ranks of war refugees from Syria at Croatian borders, we got involved in the action of gathering basic living and hygienic supplies for those suffering people. We thank every volunteer and citizen who answered to our plea and selflessly participated in getting supplies to refugees.


News Flash

  • We participated in a regional debate on vegetarianism at our local television N1. We pointed out the major impact of our diet on human health and climate changes. We sent a message that it is equally disgusting to eat a chicken, a cow, or a lamb as to eat a dog. Besides that, we accentuated that human species is the only species drinking milk of other species, and we are the only ones drinking milk as adults.
  • We also participated at meetings in the Ministry of Health, at which we discussed the Green Monday campaign and advantages of the healthy vegan diet, and in the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports at which we discussed the importance of educating school children about the vegan diet and the lack of vegan meals in schools.
  • In the media we spoke against competitions of horses in dragging logs, about problems in the functioning of the animal shelter Pokupsko Cerje, and about the killing of animals in shelters.
  • From our web’s news section:
    a) Patrik Baboumian added to the List of Famous Vegetarians and Vegans;
    b) blog: Food of Love;
    c) Aromaticni kutak, Aroma Istre, Aromara and Ziaja added to the Croatian White List;
    d) Conditions and Manner for Keeping Home Animals and Treatment of Abandoned and Lost Animals
  • We are constantly uploading new interesting and educational contents to our web page and YouTube channel.
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Once again we would like to thank to all who helped us in the realization of this year’s ZeGeVege festival. Our special thanks go to our dedicated volunteers who, together with us, achieved an unbelievable accomplishment – for two days we transformed Zagreb into a vegan metropolis. Thank you all for your help and hard work!

Let’s work for animals together also in the future!

Your Animal Friends