AnimaList No 128

“I abhor vivisection with my whole soul. All the scientific discoveries stained with innocent blood I count as of no consequence.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Create Laws for Animals, Not against Them

We resubmitted our proposals for improvement of the amendments to the Animal Protection Act to the Croatian Ministry of Agriculture. Some of the most important include: a ban on the keeping of dolphins in captivity, ban on selling live animals meant for human consumption in stores, ban on horse logging, ban on catching and killing rodents with glue, and introduction of the Positive List of animals that can be sold as pets. We also repeated our earlier well-argued proposals, as well as the arguments against the breeding of chinchillas for fur.

Locked Up in a Hot Car in the Summer

We supported the thought-provoking initiative of rap musician IFEEL, singer Ivana Kindl and journalist Domagoj Jakopović Ribafish. They locked themselves in a car during a hot summer day to point out how dangerous it can be to leave your four-legged friend alone in a car during the summer.

Germany, Czech Republic and São Paulo against Fur

The ethical climate in the world is turning against fur! The upper house of the German Parliament adopted the draft law to ban fur farming in Germany. The organization Humane Society urged the lower house of the German Parliament to accept the proposal immediately. Even though Brazil had been one of the largest manufacturers of chinchilla fur, São Paulo banned fur farming and trade. Citizens of the Czech Republic also supported the initiative to ban fur farming in that country in the face of numerous activists’ reports revealing irregularities and the mistreatments of animals on fur farms.

8th ZeGeVege Festival of Sustainable Living

We proudly present the 8th ZeGeVege Festival, which will this year be held on September 4 and 5 (from 9 AM to 9 PM, and from 9 AM to 7 PM) at Zagreb’s main square. ZeGeVege is part of the European Veganmania, and as such, one of the 3 largest vegan festivals in the entire Europe. This year we are again expecting over 40,000 visitors for whom we prepared 90 stalls with vegan and ecological products. You can expect various food samplings, restaurants, public lectures, workshops, movie screenings, music performances, giveaways… Don’t forget to stop by and participate in the making of vegan history in Croatia!

Shameful Donkey Racing

We condemned the annual donkey racing, held in some smaller coastal towns, as a shameful part of the Croatian tourist offer. This kind of entertainment is not only grotesque because of the disproportion between the size and weight of the rider and animal, but such races also violate the Animal Protection Act because the animals are forced to behave unnaturally and are exposed to stress, discomfort, pain and fear.

News Flash

  • We joined the public condemnation of murdering Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe. However, we pointed out that the public should equally protest against any killing of animals, regardless of purpose or species. We once again warned about the attempts to legalize bow and arrow hunting in Croatia.
  • We supported the association 60+ and citizens who demanded greater care for abandoned animals in the City of Velika Gorica. The possibility of building an animal shelter in VelikaGorica, which would be run by the local animal protection groups, is under discussion.
  • We expressed our gratitude to the political party ORaH for their ethically advanced Draft Program Attitude on “Animal rights protection,” and we sent them our own proposals. We also kindly asked other organizations to submit their suggestions.
  • We held a public lecture about activism and shared information from the “Activist Training” course held in Berlin in May 2015.
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  • Read the interesting interview with Helmut Anton Fenzl, CEO at SPAR Croatia, as part of the promotional campaign of the new vegan offer in the SPAR stores for all compassionate gourmands out there..
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Enjoy your summer vacation 🙂

Yours Animal Friends