AnimaList No 127

“The worst sin toward our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them: that’s the essence of inhumanity.” – George Bernard Shaw (novelist, dramatist, vegetarian)

Tell Them My Story, Friend

A promotion of the recently published collection of short stories Tell them my story, friend was held at our office. At this very well visited promotion some of the authors from the collection had a word together with the chief editor, and Vegefino offered their vegan food products. The book consists of personal experiences of people whose lives were changed by animals, and this project’s main message is: every animal is special and worthy of our affection and admiration, regardless of the species.

No to Bow and Arrow Hunting!

After we warned the public about the plan for legalisation of bow and arrow hunting last month, we were again shocked by the reply of the Ministry which states that “it is not scientifically proven” that bow and arrow hunting are dangerous and harmful for the humans and animals. Therefore we considered it necessary to once again address the public and firmly oppose to this kind of backwardness.


They Want to Kill Chinchillas for Fur!

It seems that in Croatia downgrading of the legislation is in – we now have to point to the arrangements of law amendments which will allow the breeding of chinchillas for fur which actually has been banned in Croatia! In the Minister Jakovina’s letter to the Parliament it is sounds as if this proposal was already accepted, while the agreement of the Commission and the Parliament would be insignificant formalities! Concerning the fact that 70 % of Croatian citizens support the ban, with all larger political parties, and previous as well as the present government, we believe that this kind of cruel disgrace will not happen in Croatia.

With You on the Busiest Roads

The popular Croatian rock band Vatra joined our annual summer campaign against animal abandonment, along with dogs from Dumovec Shelter. The campaign is promoted via billboards by the means of which Vatra is urging people to adopt animals instead of buying them, and to decrease the number of abandoned and killed animals, with the accent on the importance of providing lifelong care for animal protegees. This campaign’s goal is to accentuate the insufficient number of homed animals, and implementation of systematic spaying and neutering programs. We believe that the slogan “With You on the Busiest Roads” from the Vatra’s hit single Tango will encourage numerous citizens to join the campaign.

For Croatia Without Skinned Chinchillas!

In order to clearly point out the scandal of the planned exception of chinchillas from the breeding of animals for fur in Croatia, we protested in front of the Ministry of Agriculture and displayed a 10 m long transparent. We sent a message of compassion to minister Jakovina and accentuated that citizens do not want the killing of chinchillas to be legalized.


News Flash

  • Concerning the Dog meat festival in China, which was unanimously condemned in West, we joined in disapproval but also accentuated the absurdity of condemning killings of dogs for food while our society justifies tens of billions at least equally cruel and inhumane killings of cows, pigs and other animals.
  • As a part of the public action named “Adopting is Cool” we presented a map of pet-friendly locations along with the design for pet-friendly stickers for coffee shops, restaurant and such. We urged everyone not to abandon animals, but to take them along on a trip whenever possible, and thus contribute to the marking of pet-friendly locations.
  • We submitted criminal charges against the driver who kicked two kittens and a puppie out of the speeding vehicle at the road from Solin to Klis. Except for violating the Animal Protection Act of the Republic of Croatia, we also reported him for endangering public safety in traffic.
  • From our web’s news section:
    a) Gerry Weber added to our List of Fur Free Retailers;
    b) Apostel Krauter OPG Aralica added to the White List;
    c) Photographs from the cooking workshop held at May 20 added.
  • We would like to remind you to this year’s 8th in a row ZeGeVege Festival with over 100 exhibitors. It will be held on September 4 and 5 on Zagreb’s main square. The ZeGeVege Festival is a part of the European Veganmania events, and as such it is one of the 3 largest vegan festivals in all of Europe. Be sure to stop by if you’ll be near our area!
  • The Company Helcom joined the list of our legal members. Feel free to suggest such membership to your company or association, to become our legal member, we will warmly welcome you.
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  • We kindly ask of you to write to the Croatian Ministry of Agriculture and to our Government and to clearly and politely express yourself against the planned permit of the bow and arrow hunting as well as the breeding of chinchillas for fur. Let the voice of people be heard! Adresses you can write to are:
  • As always, we sincerely thank everyone who supported us with their membership or donation. We invite all animal lovers to participate in our work in the same manner, and by that to contribute to the fight for animal rights.

Kindest regards,

your Animal Friends