AnimaList No 126

“Every day forty thousand children die in the world for lack of food. We, who overeat in the West, who are feeding grains to animals to make meat, are eating the flesh of these children.” – Thich Nhat Hanh, Buddhist monk, poet, writer and peace activist

Kindergarten Days

We participated in the Kindergarten Days at Zagreb’s Bundek lake. We prepared Kid’s Corner by our info stall for our playful young visitors, and organized nutritional vegan counseling for parents held by Master nutritionist Ivana Simic. All kindergartens in Zagreb are traditionally participating at Kindergarten Days, so we all had much fun together, while we also learned something.



Disgraceful Bow and Arrow Hunting

We reacted concerning the Draft Proposal of the Croatian Hunting Act by which it should be permitted to hunt with bow and arrow in Croatia. We refuted the claims of the proposers that bow and arrow hunting is not causing unnecessary pain and suffering and that it would be a good way to expand our tourist offer. We consider this proposal to be extremely stagnant, and we accentuate that not only it would cause additional and unnecessary torture of animals and that it would create a bad tourist profile for our country, but it would also be very dangerous for people themselves because of the low audibility of proposed weapons.

5th VeggieFair

We held the 5th VeggieFair whose goal it was to introduce the offer and advantages of healthy vegan food and products to the Croatian public and tourists. At this 5th VeggieFair holders of the V-Label in Croatia also introduced themselves. The V-Label is the unique mark of quality that is issued by European Vegetarian Union. This VeggieFair also announced this year’s ZegeVege festival which will be held at he main square in Zagreb on September 4 + 5, the sponsor is the City of Zagreb.


News Flash

  • Three of our members successfully participated in a Strategic Vegan Activism training in Berlin as a part of the Erasmus+ program. Shortly after we also participated in Veganmania summer festival in Vienna.
  • We are proud to inform you that the Croatian author Mia Skrtic defended the 1st thesis concerning animal rights at the Faculty of Law at the University of Zagreb. The name of the thesis is “Protection of the Animal Rights and the Position of Animals in the Criminal Law”.
  • In a letter to the mayor of the City of Rab we appealed to take necessary measures prescribed by the law on solving the problem of abandoned animals on the island Rab and their homing. We warned about the neglect of enforcement of the Animal Protection Act by the City of Rab.
  • From our web’s news section:
    a) Diva by GG is a new company added to the White List;
    b) Photographs from the cooking workshops held at March 28 and May 9, 2015;
    c) Leonard Pijetraj, Rob Zombie and Nives Cicin Sain on Famous Vegetarians and Vegans list;
    d) An article concerning the Positive List (against the buying and selling of animals).
  • Vegehop and Abrakadabra joined the list of our legal members. If you too wish to become our legal member, please fill in the application and welcome aboard!
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