AnimaList No 125

“Auschwitz begins wherever someone looks at a slaughterhouse and thinks: they’re only animals.” – philosopher Theodor Adorno

Presenting the Project Veganopolis

On Earth Day we presented our new web project Veganopolis on the Zagreb’s main square. It gives  instructions on how to save our planet and its living beings with our nutrition. The project Veganopolis is imagined as a web page with free services such as a Vege Guide with a list of over the 2000 items, cooking workshops, nutritionist counseling, renting a Vegan Buddy and applying for a Vege Challenge to which over a short period more then 100 participants applied. Visit and recommend it to your friends.


Each Life Is Precious

The collaboration with the shelter Dumovec resulted in a rescue campaign for abandoned animals, named “Each Life is Precious”. Other Croatian no-kill shelters and volunteers which are the pillars of this campaign are participating too. The goal is to highlight the importance of homing of animals, and the necessity of banning the killing of animals in the shelters. The musician IFEEL also joined the campaign by presenting a new song.


No to Chaining of Dogs

We applaud the City of Zagreb for accepting our propositions for amending the Ordinance which regulates the treatment and keeping of animals in Zagreb. The ban of permanent chaining of dogs was accepted, along with the obligation of the City’s districts to find adequate locations for setting up public feeding areas for cats in collaboration with animal protection organizations. We believe that the next step should be a provision for similar regulation on national level. We also proposed the establishing of an Animal Protection Inspection for the purpose of a more efficient regulation on the enforcement of the Ordinance, as well as the Animal Protection Act.

Every Mothers Day

Regarding Mothers Day, we accentuated the similarities between human and animal mothers. Mother cows, pigs and hens have the same deep emotional connection with their offspring, but they are constantly being mercilessly taken away from them and slaughtered or exploited, as the mothers are being used to the maximum by constant impregnations, forcing them to produce abnormal quantities of milk and eggs. By being vegan, we show respect towards all kinds of motherhood.


None Should Be Free!

In a letter to the Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection we demanded them to respect the decision of the European Parliament concerning plastic bags and proposed the concrete solution in the form of charging a minimum of 2 Kuna per plastic-bag in order to decrease the production and to preserve the environment and animals living in it.


News Flash

  • We reacted concerning the case from the village Glusci near Metkovic in which the police took the caretaker of six dogs to a mental institution, leaving the dogs starve to death. We warned that there should exist a clear regulation about who is to take over the care of animals in this type of situations.
  • We sent a note to the Croatian Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection in which we ask that they discard every proposition of introducing changes to the Statute (EZ) no. 1007/2009 on seal products trade, which would allow the entering of the seal products obtained from inuit seal hunting for commercial purposes on the European market.
  • Concerning the case of huntress Jacina Jadresko, whose bragging about killing hundreds of wild and exotic animals shocket the pulbic, we stated that the taking pleasure in others suffering and in killing always will be a primitive and pathetic act, irrelevant of the person’s sex.
  • We gave a statement concerning the inappropriateness of the usage of speciesist terms like animal “owner”, and we warned of the danger behind the acceptance of worldviews by which we are justifying the exploitation of animals as the “lower species”.
  • From our web’s news section:
    a) Lunch With Family and Friends Who Are Not Vegans;
    b) Honey Replacement;
    c) Text about the Animal Shelter in Pokupsko Cerje;
    d) Merzbow and Elizabeth Holmes added to the list of famous vegetarians and vegans;
    e) Marc O’Polo added to The List of Fur Free Retaliers;
  • CannaBio, OPG Marija Pesa, Biodar, Dvostruka duga, SMID, OPG Zlata Nanic, Bormax, Association Mrkvica, Sapunoteka and OPG Marija Mudric joined to the list of companies which will participate in this year’s ZeGeVege festival. ZeGeVege is, as a part of Veganmania, one of three largest vegan festivals in Europe. This year it will be held on September 4 and 5, with up to 90 stalls on Zagreb’s main square. Be a part of this meaningful event!
  • We also invite you to visit our VegeMarket which will be held on June 2, 2015, on Zagreb’s main square. There you will be able to find numerous vegan products. So if you are going to visit Zagreb at that time, be sure to come by.
  • We are kindly reminding you to check out and share the many interesting news from our YouTube channel and our Facebook page. Also, be sure to check out our Calendar of Activities.

The list of numerous discounts for our members grows larger every month, and most recently added was Vet 3 Ambulance. Also, once more we are kindly asking for your help with memberships, donations and other means. Thank you all!


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