AnimaList No 124

“The sheer number of cattle, pigs and chickens that — through no fault of their own, they’re kept by us humans — are polluting the environment in ways that are shocking.” – David Duchovny

Public performance on Meatout day

Regarding the Meatout day on 20. 3. we did a performance at the Zagreb’s main square. Our activists at the performance were meaningfully packed like meat from supermarket to accentuate the bloody and painful origin of the meat on plates. Along with it, we distributed leaflets with vegan recipes to surprised and interested passers-by.


A Note on World Health Day

For World Health Day we published an open note. Because of the theme of this year’s World Health Day, which is the safety of food that we consume, we considered it crucial to inform the public about the damaging consequences of consumption of the food of animal origin.



Vegan Custard Cream Cakes in Samobor

We continued the collaboration with the City of Samobor regarding our Green Monday campaign. On April 13 we offered free vegan dishes and sweets on Samobor’s main square, including vegan cream custard cakes, the cake for which Samobor is famous for. We started a prize game at which you can win aprons and set of cooking ingredients for making a complete vegan lunch. To participate, just subscribe to receiving weekly recipes via our Green Monday newsletter.


Absurdity of Testing on Animals

In collaboration with the ECEAE, we warned about the absurdity of continuing of experimentation on animals, like testing cigarettes on rats, studying ageing effects studied on lemurs, submitting newborn rats to alcohol fumes, and other horrors. We also pointed out the sudden raise in scientific experimentation which doesn’t include animals because of greater safety and accuracy of those methods.


News Flash

  • We held a cooking workshop for kids where they enjoyed preparing vegan meals together with their school teacher. If you, as a teacher, parent or pupil, are interested in participating at these workshops, please fill the online application at We also offer these workshops in English and German language for local international schools.
  • We submitted a letter to the City of Split Committee for Relocating of Animals from the Marjan Zoo in which we again advocated for closing of the zoo in Split, for permanent homing of all animals from it, and we also opposed to construction of a new zoo.
  • Four of our members have successfully participated in a workshop themed “social media” which was held in Birmingham. We participated in the course within the Erasmus+ program.
  • In a collaboration with the Croatian rabbit and jackrabbit shelter TarraLand, as well as the NGOs Mrkvica and Zecovi, we sent a public appeal for an ending of purchases of rabbits and other animals for Easter and during the whole year.
  • From April 9 to 12 we participated at the fair 100% Natural held in Rijeka. On our info stall people could sign the petition pro right on vegan meals in public institutions.
  • From our web’s news section:
    a) Croatian inventor and entrepreneur Mate Rimac added to our list of famous vegetarians;
    b) Our Calendar of Activities has been updated;
    c) Molecular Differences Between Mice and Humans
  • We proudly remind you that this year’s 8th ZeGeVege Festival (which is a part of the European Veganmania project, and is one of the 3 largest vegan festivals in the entire Europe) will be held from 4th to 5th September, 2015, with up to 90 stalls on the main square in Zagreb. Plan ahead if you will be visiting Croatia at that period, and be a part of this significant happening.
  • We will mark Earth Day at Zagreb’s main square on April 22. Also, on May 29, we are organizing VegeMarket at the same location. Other scheduled activities can be viewed on our Calendar of Activities.
  • DAK Motorsports is the most recent company who joined to the list of numerous companies that give discounts to our members.
  • As always, we would like to thank all who support us and enable the continuation of our work with their membership and donations. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

With best wishes,

your Animal Friends Croatia