AnimaList No 123

“A carnivore can sense compassion when faced with a bloody carcass of a dog, just because he doesn’t perceive it as being ‘appetitlich’, because it can not be consumed like an equally disgustingly butchered piglet, for example.” – famous Croatian writer and intellectual Miroslav Krleza

Spaying and Neutering Save Lives

We participated in a simultaneous action in cities Zagreb and Virovitica on February 28, 2015. The goal of this action which is a part of the “Adopting Is Cool” campaign was promoting spaying/neutering as necessary help for animals. We got support by the Mayor of Virovitica, Mr Ivica Kirin, by the Deputy Mayor of Zagreb, Mrs Sandra Svaljek and by a popular Croatian comedian Mario Petrekovic. The petition for the prohibition of killing animals in animal shelters was also offered for signing.

Vegan Banquet in Samobor

After Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia, Samobor became the second city that joined the Green Monday campaign which promotes a plant-based diet at least once a week. On Monday, March 3, 2015 we organized a vegan banquet for the mayor of Samobor and his guests where we presented vegan dishes made by the Zrno Estate and the restaurant Bio Bistro Zrno. Green Monday is a part of an international campaign that is running in over 30 countries worldwide.

‘Cleaning Up’ Europe From Cruelty

Protiv testiranja
The European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE), whose member is our Animal Friends organization, held a public action in London on March 11, 2015 to ban animal experiments for household cleaning products. A representative of our Association also participated in the action. Learn more about the HCS-Standard and companies that do not test their products on animals.


News Flash

  • We proudly announce that this year’s ZeGeVege Festival will be held on September 4-5 2015 and we hope many of you will visit us at the Main Square in Zagreb.
  • In Kralj Tomislav primary school we had a great time with kids while watching PETA’s educational video “Share the World”.
  • Our long-time volunteer and associate Anita Euschen was nominated for the Volunteer Oscar award in 2015. Along with many other activities through which she actively promotes animal rights, Anita participated in “Eurogroup” and “ECEAE” meetings.
  • We reported the Hunting Club Sljuka to the District Attorney Office and to the Hunting Inspection. According to allegations of one of the Club’s members, they shot two pregnant boars during the period when the hunting of wild boars is banned in the area, and released the hunting dogs to tear them to pieces while they were still alive.
  • We submitted a protest letter to the management of the wholesale chain Metro, condemning the expansion of their offer to the meat from wild and exotic animal species. We presented a stance that there is no need to encourage the breeding of wild animals to obtain meat, considering the horrors to which farmed animals are already subjected to.
  • From our web’s news section:
    a) Gluten-Free Vegan Diet;
    b) An article about raw food;
    c) Ingredients of Vegan Desserts
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Together we are strong, let us use that strength for the benefit of those whose voices can not be heard!

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